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function is not described

ParagonIE_Sodium_Core_BLAKE2b::pseudoConstructor() public WP 1.0

This just sets the $iv static variable.

{} It's a method of the class: ParagonIE_Sodium_Core_BLAKE2b{}

No Hooks.


null. Nothing.


$result = ParagonIE_Sodium_Core_BLAKE2b::pseudoConstructor();

Code of ParagonIE_Sodium_Core_BLAKE2b::pseudoConstructor() WP 5.8.2

public static function pseudoConstructor()
    static $called = false;
    if ($called) {
    self::$iv = new SplFixedArray(8);
    self::$iv[0] = self::new64(0x6a09e667, 0xf3bcc908);
    self::$iv[1] = self::new64(0xbb67ae85, 0x84caa73b);
    self::$iv[2] = self::new64(0x3c6ef372, 0xfe94f82b);
    self::$iv[3] = self::new64(0xa54ff53a, 0x5f1d36f1);
    self::$iv[4] = self::new64(0x510e527f, 0xade682d1);
    self::$iv[5] = self::new64(0x9b05688c, 0x2b3e6c1f);
    self::$iv[6] = self::new64(0x1f83d9ab, 0xfb41bd6b);
    self::$iv[7] = self::new64(0x5be0cd19, 0x137e2179);

    $called = true;