Requests_Proxy{}WP 1.6

Proxy connection interface

Implement this interface to handle proxy settings and authentication

Parameters should be passed via the constructor where possible, as this makes it much easier for users to use your provider.

No Hooks.


$Requests_Proxy = new Requests_Proxy();
// use class methods


  1. public register(Requests_Hooks $hooks)



Since 1.6 Introduced.

Code of Requests_Proxy{} WP 6.0

interface Requests_Proxy {
	 * Register hooks as needed
	 * This method is called in {@see Requests::request} when the user has set
	 * an instance as the 'auth' option. Use this callback to register all the
	 * hooks you'll need.
	 * @see Requests_Hooks::register
	 * @param Requests_Hooks $hooks Hook system
	public function register(Requests_Hooks $hooks);