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Requests_Transport_fsockopen::request_multiple() public WP 1.0

Send multiple requests simultaneously

{} It's a method of the class: Requests_Transport_fsockopen{}

No Hooks.


Array. Array of Requests_Response objects (may contain Requests_Exception or string responses as well)


$Requests_Transport_fsockopen = new Requests_Transport_fsockopen();
$Requests_Transport_fsockopen->request_multiple( $requests, $options );
$requests(array) (required)
Request data (array of 'url', 'headers', 'data', 'options') as per Requests_Transport::request()
$options(array) (required)
Global options, see {@see Requests::response()} for documentation

Code of Requests_Transport_fsockopen::request_multiple() WP 5.7.2

public function request_multiple($requests, $options) {
	$responses = array();
	$class = get_class($this);
	foreach ($requests as $id => $request) {
		try {
			$handler = new $class();
			$responses[$id] = $handler->request($request['url'], $request['headers'], $request['data'], $request['options']);

			$request['options']['hooks']->dispatch('transport.internal.parse_response', array(&$responses[$id], $request));
		catch (Requests_Exception $e) {
			$responses[$id] = $e;

		if (!is_string($responses[$id])) {
			$request['options']['hooks']->dispatch('multiple.request.complete', array(&$responses[$id], $id));

	return $responses;