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SimplePie_Item::get_link() public WP 3

Get a single link for the item

{} It's a method of the class: SimplePie_Item{}

No Hooks.


String|null. Link URL


$SimplePie_Item = new SimplePie_Item();
$SimplePie_Item->get_link( $key, $rel );
The link that you want to return. Remember that arrays begin with 0, not 1
The relationship of the link to return
Default: 'alternate'


Since 3 Introduced.
Since Beta 3

Code of SimplePie_Item::get_link() WP 5.8.2

public function get_link($key = 0, $rel = 'alternate')
	$links = $this->get_links($rel);
	if ($links && $links[$key] !== null)
		return $links[$key];

	return null;