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getid3_id3v2::FrameNameShortLookup() public WP 1.0

{} It's a method of the class: getid3_id3v2{}

No Hooks.




$result = getid3_id3v2::FrameNameShortLookup( $framename );
$framename(string) (required)

Code of getid3_id3v2::FrameNameShortLookup() WP 5.8.3

public static function FrameNameShortLookup($framename) {

	$begin = __LINE__;

	/** This is not a comment!

		AENC	audio_encryption
		APIC	attached_picture
		ASPI	audio_seek_point_index
		BUF	recommended_buffer_size
		CNT	play_counter
		COM	comment
		COMM	comment
		COMR	commercial_frame
		CRA	audio_encryption
		CRM	encrypted_meta_frame
		ENCR	encryption_method_registration
		EQU	equalisation
		EQU2	equalisation
		EQUA	equalisation
		ETC	event_timing_codes
		ETCO	event_timing_codes
		GEO	general_encapsulated_object
		GEOB	general_encapsulated_object
		GRID	group_identification_registration
		IPL	involved_people_list
		IPLS	involved_people_list
		LINK	linked_information
		LNK	linked_information
		MCDI	music_cd_identifier
		MCI	music_cd_identifier
		MLL	mpeg_location_lookup_table
		MLLT	mpeg_location_lookup_table
		OWNE	ownership_frame
		PCNT	play_counter
		PIC	attached_picture
		POP	popularimeter
		POPM	popularimeter
		POSS	position_synchronisation_frame
		PRIV	private_frame
		RBUF	recommended_buffer_size
		REV	reverb
		RVA	relative_volume_adjustment
		RVA2	relative_volume_adjustment
		RVAD	relative_volume_adjustment
		RVRB	reverb
		SEEK	seek_frame
		SIGN	signature_frame
		SLT	synchronised_lyric
		STC	synced_tempo_codes
		SYLT	synchronised_lyric
		SYTC	synchronised_tempo_codes
		TAL	album
		TALB	album
		TBP	bpm
		TBPM	bpm
		TCM	composer
		TCMP	part_of_a_compilation
		TCO	genre
		TCOM	composer
		TCON	genre
		TCOP	copyright_message
		TCP	part_of_a_compilation
		TCR	copyright_message
		TDA	date
		TDAT	date
		TDEN	encoding_time
		TDLY	playlist_delay
		TDOR	original_release_time
		TDRC	recording_time
		TDRL	release_time
		TDTG	tagging_time
		TDY	playlist_delay
		TEN	encoded_by
		TENC	encoded_by
		TEXT	lyricist
		TFLT	file_type
		TFT	file_type
		TIM	time
		TIME	time
		TIPL	involved_people_list
		TIT1	content_group_description
		TIT2	title
		TIT3	subtitle
		TKE	initial_key
		TKEY	initial_key
		TLA	language
		TLAN	language
		TLE	length
		TLEN	length
		TMCL	musician_credits_list
		TMED	media_type
		TMOO	mood
		TMT	media_type
		TOA	original_artist
		TOAL	original_album
		TOF	original_filename
		TOFN	original_filename
		TOL	original_lyricist
		TOLY	original_lyricist
		TOPE	original_artist
		TOR	original_year
		TORY	original_year
		TOT	original_album
		TOWN	file_owner
		TP1	artist
		TP2	band
		TP3	conductor
		TP4	remixer
		TPA	part_of_a_set
		TPB	publisher
		TPE1	artist
		TPE2	band
		TPE3	conductor
		TPE4	remixer
		TPOS	part_of_a_set
		TPRO	produced_notice
		TPUB	publisher
		TRC	isrc
		TRCK	track_number
		TRD	recording_dates
		TRDA	recording_dates
		TRK	track_number
		TRSN	internet_radio_station_name
		TRSO	internet_radio_station_owner
		TS2	album_artist_sort_order
		TSA	album_sort_order
		TSC	composer_sort_order
		TSI	size
		TSIZ	size
		TSO2	album_artist_sort_order
		TSOA	album_sort_order
		TSOC	composer_sort_order
		TSOP	performer_sort_order
		TSOT	title_sort_order
		TSP	performer_sort_order
		TSRC	isrc
		TSS	encoder_settings
		TSSE	encoder_settings
		TSST	set_subtitle
		TST	title_sort_order
		TT1	content_group_description
		TT2	title
		TT3	subtitle
		TXT	lyricist
		TXX	text
		TXXX	text
		TYE	year
		TYER	year
		UFI	unique_file_identifier
		UFID	unique_file_identifier
		ULT	unsynchronised_lyric
		USER	terms_of_use
		USLT	unsynchronised_lyric
		WAF	url_file
		WAR	url_artist
		WAS	url_source
		WCM	commercial_information
		WCOM	commercial_information
		WCOP	copyright
		WCP	copyright
		WOAF	url_file
		WOAR	url_artist
		WOAS	url_source
		WORS	url_station
		WPAY	url_payment
		WPB	url_publisher
		WPUB	url_publisher
		WXX	url_user
		WXXX	url_user
		TFEA	featured_artist
		TSTU	recording_studio
		rgad	replay_gain_adjustment


	return getid3_lib::EmbeddedLookup($framename, $begin, __LINE__, __FILE__, 'id3v2-framename_short');