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getid3_id3v2::LookupExtendedHeaderRestrictionsImageSizeSize() public WP 1.0

{} It's a method of the class: getid3_id3v2{}

No Hooks.




$getid3_id3v2 = new getid3_id3v2();
$getid3_id3v2->LookupExtendedHeaderRestrictionsImageSizeSize( $index );
$index(int) (required)

Code of getid3_id3v2::LookupExtendedHeaderRestrictionsImageSizeSize() WP 5.8.3

public function LookupExtendedHeaderRestrictionsImageSizeSize($index) {
	static $LookupExtendedHeaderRestrictionsImageSizeSize = array(
		0x00 => 'No restrictions',
		0x01 => 'All images are 256x256 pixels or smaller',
		0x02 => 'All images are 64x64 pixels or smaller',
		0x03 => 'All images are exactly 64x64 pixels, unless required otherwise',
	return (isset($LookupExtendedHeaderRestrictionsImageSizeSize[$index]) ? $LookupExtendedHeaderRestrictionsImageSizeSize[$index] : '');