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hash_hmac() WP 3.2.0

Compat function to mimic hash_hmac().

  • See: _hash_hmac()

No Hooks.


String/false. The hash in output determined by $raw_output. False if $algo is unknown or invalid.


hash_hmac( $algo, $data, $key, $raw_output );
$algo(string) (required)
Hash algorithm. Accepts 'md5' or 'sha1'.
$data(string) (required)
Data to be hashed.
$key(string) (required)
Secret key to use for generating the hash.
Whether to output raw binary data (true), or lowercase hexits (false).
Default: false

Code of hash hmac: wp-includes/compat.php VER 5.1.1

function hash_hmac( $algo, $data, $key, $raw_output = false ) {
	return _hash_hmac( $algo, $data, $key, $raw_output );