wp_cron_conditionally_prevent_sslverify()WP 5.7.0

Disables SSL verification if the cron_request include an HTTPS URL.

This prevents an issue if HTTPS breaks, where there would be a failed attempt to verify HTTPS.

No Hooks.


Array. The filtered Cron request arguments.


wp_cron_conditionally_prevent_sslverify( $request );
$request(array) (required)
The Cron request arguments.


Since 5.7.0 Introduced.

Code of wp_cron_conditionally_prevent_sslverify() WP 6.0

function wp_cron_conditionally_prevent_sslverify( $request ) {
	if ( 'https' === wp_parse_url( $request['url'], PHP_URL_SCHEME ) ) {
		$request['args']['sslverify'] = false;
	return $request;