ExtendedContainer::get()publicWC 1.0

Get an instance of a registered class.

Method of the class: ExtendedContainer{}

No Hooks.


Object. An instance of the requested class.


$ExtendedContainer = new ExtendedContainer();
$ExtendedContainer->get( $id, $new );
$id(string) (required)
The class name.
True to generate a new instance even if the class was registered as shared.
Default: false

ExtendedContainer::get() code WC 8.7.0

public function get( $id, bool $new = false ) {
	if ( false === strpos( $id, '\\' ) ) {
		throw new ContainerException( "Attempt to get an instance of the non-namespaced class '$id' from the container, did you forget to add a namespace import?" );

	// This is a workaround for an issue that arises when using service providers inheriting from AbstractInterfaceServiceProvider:
	// if one of these providers registers classes both by name and by tag, and one of its registered classes is requested
	// with 'get' by name before a list of classes is requested by tag, then that service provider gets locked as
	// the only one providing that tag, and the others get ignored. This is due to the fact that container definitions
	// are created "on the fly" as needed and the base 'get' method won't try to register additional providers
	// if the requested tag is already provided by at least one of the already existing definitions.
	if ( $this->definitions->hasTag( $id ) && ! in_array( $id, $this->known_tags, true ) && $this->providers->provides( $id ) ) {
		$this->providers->register( $id );
		$this->known_tags[] = $id;

	return parent::get( $id, $new );