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WordPress it is my first acquaintance with CMS and PHP. Prior to that, I was playing with HTML-coding, it was my hobby.

This blog appeared from the feeling of "I have something to say" and I need the structure in my developments researches and thoughts about WordPress. It was also nice to help someone who wants to learn like as I.

WordPress is already hopelessly cool and attractive with its flexibility, simplicity, thousands of plugins, terabytes of documentation and huge community. But, as there is no limit to perfection, so in WordPress there are disadvantages: you need to pay for its use, and what does a free open source software pay? Yes, it pays with server capacity. However, it's not that bad... And if you do things right, you will see how the pros outweigh the cons, and the choice in favor of WordPress becomes obvious.

No matter what anybody says, WordPress will suite for any website. Content sites, Internet-shops, business cards, blogs, landing pages and others will feel great itself on WordPress. But for specific sites like forums, services, corporate management systems, I think you need to look for something more suitable. Although WordPress is not hopeless and sites with difficult structure can also be done on WordPress, but in this case, we need to consider different 'but'...

What can you find on this site?

Articles on web development mainly about WordPress, ready-made functions and classes for WordPress, a large collection of examples of how to use built-in WordPress functions, the list of all WordPress functions and WordPress hooks.

The technical details of the website

  • Works on the latest version of WordPress, of course.

  • The Theme is written by myself. Exclusive code validity and cross-browser compatibility has remained outside of my requirements for the site. But the site still works in IE.


On issues cooperation and advertising write here.


My name is Timur. You have my every good wish!

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