How to completely disable WordPress update checks for core, plugins, and themes

In WP, it is possible to completely disable update checks for everything (core, themes, plugins, and translations) at once. However, there is no standard way to...

Installing WP plugins via Composer

Installing WordPress plugins via Composer, including instructions for plugins in WP repository and on

WP 6.3: async and defer attributes when registering scripts

WordPress 6.3 introduces support for registering scripts with the async and defer attributes, improving site performance and loading strategies.

WP_Query: How to Compare Meta Fields values in meta_query Request

How to compare meta fields in WP_Query using meta_query; Universal method for comparing meta fields in WP_Query.

Error when updating WP: Another update is currently in progress

Troubleshooting guide for resolving the "Another update is currently in progress" error in WordPress update process.

The "-rotated" suffix for images, or what WP does with image orientations

The article explains how WordPress handles image orientations and the use of the "-rotated" suffix for images. It also discusses how to disable the image orientation...

Additional fields for WP_Nav_Menu

In WordPress 5.4 there are new hooks that allow you to more flexibly customize the WordPress menu (WP Nav Menu). In particular, it's now possible to easily add custom...

Hiding Notifications of New WordPress Version in Admin Panel

Tutorial on how to hide notifications of new WordPress version updates in the admin panel.

Disabling update/download of new versions of default themes and plugins

This article explains how to disable the update and download of new versions of default themes and plugins in WordPress.

Taxonomies in WordPress

What are taxonomies in WordPress? For those who don't know, and for those who think they know everything about taxonomies, it will be useful to read this article. I'll...

Indexes in MySQL

How indexes work in a MySQL database. Indexes in MySQL (Mysql indexes) are a great tool for optimizing SQL queries. To understand how they work, let's look at working...

Posts in WordPress

In this article, let's talk about WordPress posts, or rather how their structure is arranged in the WordPress engine. There is a lot of information on the Internet...

Debug in WordPress

In development, you need to be able to see where the error is when something suddenly breaks. WordPress has a special debug mode for this. In this post, let's take it...

WordPress Cron (task scheduler)

Suppose we need some PHP function to be executed after 5 hours. Or we need this function to run every day. The WordPress Cron - Task Scheduler will help to solve...

Metadata in WordPress

Under the word "metadata" in WordPress, there is a huge amount of work and amazing logic, which you can scold and praise at the same time, but one thing you can't take...