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Emails In WordPress

This document lists all the situations where WordPress sends an email, along with how to filter or disable each email.

Date and Time Formats in WordPress

WordPress has functions that get the date or time of a post, comment, or something else: the_date(), the_time(), mysql2date() etc. You can pass a format to each of these functions ...

Theme Files Hierarchy

This post is about the names of the WordPress theme files. And it also investigates, which file to include for showing the content of specific site page. This is very important but simple knowledge. Everyone who works with WordPress should be able ...

Page Template for any Post Type in WP 4.7

Support of templates for pages (page post type) has been unchanged for 12 years. And it helped developers to conveniently create templates for pages, but it was always limited to the page post type. However, with WordPress version 4.7 the ...

3 Ways of Creating a Page Template

The article shows the ways of creating templates of the WordPress' pages. Each way has its pros and cons. And, before I start, allow me to introduce the meaning of the 'Page' term and its difference from Posts.

The WordPress allows creating both ...