WordPress Reserved Variables

Here you find reserved names which should not be used as variable names for POST, GET requests. Also it is not recommended to use them when creating custom post types,...

3 Ways of Creating a WordPress Page Template

The article shows the ways of creating templates for WordPress pages. Each way has its pros and cons, and before I start, allow me to introduce the meaning of the...

WP 4.0: WP_Query: fixes in the orderby parameter

Explanation of the orderby parameter fixes in WP_Query in WordPress 4.0.

Redirect to a Random Post in WordPress

How to redirect users to a random post in WordPress using PHP code in the functions.php file and adding a link to the template.

Color Selection in WordPress: Iris Color Picker

This article explains the usage of Iris Color Picker in WordPress for color selection in both the admin panel and frontend, along with the necessary steps and code...

Connecting jQuery from Google CDN with Auto-detection of Version

This article explains the correct way to connect jQuery in WordPress and the advantages of using Google CDN for jQuery.

Disabling the creation of copies of images in WordPress

By default, WordPress generates four sizes for each original image we upload and another 2 copies when a huge image is uploaded. Also, themes and plugins can create...

10 Ways to Customize RSS Feed in WordPress

The website's RSS feed (site feed) allows users to keep track of new content appearing on your blog. To do this, users subscribe to your blog through an RSS handler and...

Must-Use plugins in WordPress

Must-use plugins (mu-plugins) - mandatory plugins that are installed in a special /wp-content/mu-plugins folder. They are always active for the site and all sites...

Tab Symbol (\t) in Textarea When Pressing TAB Key

Implementing the insertion of the tab symbol (\t) in a textarea when the TAB key is pressed, along with specifying tab width in CSS.

Auto-updates in WordPress

In October 2013, WordPress version 3.7 was released, and along with it came a new feature - automatic updates.

Autoupdate became the brightest, most useful, and...

SHORTINIT constant: WordPress environment with minimal load

I was worried about a question: how can I use $wpdb object and site database with which I work, but with minimal loading of WP environment. Sometimes it is...

Constants of WordPress

WordPress is configurable in the admin panel or using hooks (filters, events), and WordPress can also be configured using PHP constants.

You've probably used constants...

Limiting the Number of Login Attempts in WordPress

How to limit the number of login attempts in WordPress using a custom PHP script and protect the site from brute force attacks.

Masonry - displaying html blocks as a brickwork

Introduction to Masonry, a JavaScript library for displaying HTML blocks in a compact, stacked manner. Includes integration, initialization, and usage examples.