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register_block_type() WP 1.0

Registers a block type.


No Hooks.


WP_Block_Type|false. The registered block type on success, or false on failure.


register_block_type( $block_type, $args );
$block_type(string|WP_Block_Type) (required)
Block type name including namespace, or alternatively a path to the JSON file with metadata definition for the block, or a path to the folder where the block.json file is located, or a complete WP_Block_Type instance. In case a WP_Block_Type is provided, the $args parameter will be ignored.
Array of block type arguments. Accepts any public property of WP_Block_Type. See WP_Block_Type::__construct() for information on accepted arguments.
Default: empty array


Since 5.8.0 First param accepts a path to the block.json file.

Code of register_block_type() WP 5.8.3

function register_block_type( $block_type, $args = array() ) {
	if ( is_string( $block_type ) && file_exists( $block_type ) ) {
		return register_block_type_from_metadata( $block_type, $args );

	return WP_Block_Type_Registry::get_instance()->register( $block_type, $args );

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