Optimization (category)

Database Repair and Optimization in WordPress (WP_ALLOW_REPAIR)

Different things can happen to database tables and there are many cases where repairing or optimizing database tables solves the problem.

How to automatically add alt text to uploaded image

How to automatically add alt text to uploaded images in WordPress and its benefits for accessibility and SEO.

Speeding up the WordPress admin panel — disabling aggressive update checks

This article explains how to speed up the WordPress admin panel by disabling aggressive update checks, which often cause slowdowns and performance issues. It provides a...

Disabling the creation of copies of images in WordPress

By default, WordPress generates four sizes for each original image we upload and another 2 copies when a huge image is uploaded. Also, themes and plugins can create...

Configuring robots.txt for WordPress

Configuring the robots.txt file for WordPress to control search engine crawlers and optimize site indexing.

Optimizing WordPress Performance Through Permalinks (Practice)

The article explains a method for optimizing WordPress performance by managing permalinks in the database and provides implementation details.

WordPress Performance Optimization Through Permalinks (Theory)

Explanation of WordPress performance optimization through permalinks and the impact of different permalink structures on server load and database queries.