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Indexes in MySQL

How indexes work in a MySQL database. Indexes in MySQL (Mysql indexes) are a great tool for optimizing SQL queries. To understand how they work, let's look at working...

HTML attributes: srcset, sizes and <picture> tag

Explanation of HTML attributes srcset and sizes, and the `` tag for creating adaptive images. Includes examples, syntax, and browser support. Also covers how to...

Difference between async and defer in the script tag

Explains the difference between using async and defer attributes in the script tag to control script loading and execution in HTML pages.

PHP functions filectime() fileatime() filemtime()

Explanation of PHP functions filectime(), fileatime(), and filemtime() and their differences in managing file timestamps.

100+ Unicode Symbols for HTML/CSS/JS/PHP

This note will cover universal Unicode symbols. Icons that are understood by all browsers and systems.

To use icons in HTML code (markup), icon packages based on fonts...

PHP CSV File - Creation and Reading

This article explains how to create and parse CSV files in PHP, including the format, creation of CSV files, reading CSV files, and converting Excel files to CSV.

List of File Extensions and Their MIME Types

When uploading a file to WordPress website, WordPress will check the MIME type of the file. Sometimes it's useful to know what the mime file type of a particular file...

Constants in PHP — const and define()

Understanding the difference between declaring PHP constants using the const keyword and the define() function, and the features and limitations of each method.

Tab Symbol (\t) in Textarea When Pressing TAB Key

Implementing the insertion of the tab symbol (\t) in a textarea when the TAB key is pressed, along with specifying tab width in CSS.

Masonry - displaying html blocks as a brickwork

Introduction to Masonry, a JavaScript library for displaying HTML blocks in a compact, stacked manner. Includes integration, initialization, and usage examples.

Create Menu with jQuery

Creating an original menu on jQuery using HTML, CSS, and jQuery. The process involves creating the menu in HTML, including the jQuery library, adding CSS styles, and...

Smooth Scroll "Back to Top" Button

Explanation of how to implement a smooth scroll "Back to Top" button using pure JavaScript and jQuery, suitable for any website.