List of File Extensions and Their MIME Types

When uploading a file to WordPress website, WordPress will check the MIME type of the file. Sometimes it's useful to know what the mime file type of a particular file extension is specifically called. For example, zip file can be of different MIME types, it depends on the server where your code is running.

The below list shows you different MIME types for file formats.

In WordPress, this list is much smaller and you can find it in the description of wp_get_mime_types() function.

See also list of mime types at

Extension MIME-type Name
.123 application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3 Lotus 1-2-3
.3dml text/vnd.in3d.3dml In3D - 3DML
.3g2 video/3gpp2 3GP2
.3gp video/3gpp 3GP
.7z application/x-7z-compressed 7-Zip
.aab application/x-authorware-bin Adobe (Macropedia) Authorware - Binary File
.aac audio/x-aac Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
.aam application/x-authorware-map Adobe (Macropedia) Authorware - Map
.aas application/x-authorware-seg Adobe (Macropedia) Authorware - Segment File
.abw application/x-abiword AbiWord
.ac application/pkix-attr-cert Attribute Certificate
.acc application/vnd.americandynamics.acc Active Content Compression
.ace application/x-ace-compressed Ace Archive
.acu application/vnd.acucobol ACU Cobol
.adp audio/adpcm Adaptive differential pulse-code modulation
.aep application/vnd.audiograph Audiograph
.afp application/ MO:DCA-P
.ahead application/ Ahead AIR Application
.ai application/postscript PostScript
.aif audio/x-aiff Audio Interchange File Format
.air application/vnd.adobe.air-application-installer-package+zip Adobe AIR Application
.ait application/vnd.dvb.ait Digital Video Broadcasting
.ami application/vnd.amiga.ami AmigaDE
.apk application/ Android Package Archive
.application application/x-ms-application Microsoft ClickOnce
.apr application/vnd.lotus-approach Lotus Approach
.asf video/x-ms-asf Microsoft Advanced Systems Format (ASF)
.aso application/vnd.accpac.simply.aso Simply Accounting
.atc application/vnd.acucorp ACU Cobol
.atom, .xml application/atom+xml Atom Syndication Format
.atomcat application/atomcat+xml Atom Publishing Protocol
.atomsvc application/atomsvc+xml Atom Publishing Protocol Service Document
.atx application/ Antix Game Player
.au audio/basic Sun Audio - Au file format
.avi video/x-msvideo Audio Video Interleave (AVI)
.aw application/applixware Applixware
.azf application/vnd.airzip.filesecure.azf AirZip FileSECURE
.azs application/vnd.airzip.filesecure.azs AirZip FileSECURE
.azw application/ Amazon Kindle eBook format
.bcpio application/x-bcpio Binary CPIO Archive
.bdf application/x-font-bdf Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format
.bdm application/ SyncML - Device Management
.bed application/vnd.realvnc.bed RealVNC
.bh2 application/ Fujitsu Oasys
.bin application/octet-stream
.bmi application/vnd.bmi BMI Drawing Data Interchange
.bmp image/bmp Bitmap Image File
.box application/ Preview Systems ZipLock/VBox
.btif image/prs.btif BTIF
.bz application/x-bzip Bzip Archive
.bz2 application/x-bzip2 Bzip2 Archive
.c text/x-c C Source File
.c11amc application/vnd.cluetrust.cartomobile-config ClueTrust CartoMobile - Config
.c11amz application/vnd.cluetrust.cartomobile-config-pkg ClueTrust CartoMobile - Config Package
.c4g application/vnd.clonk.c4group Clonk Game
.cab application/ Microsoft Cabinet File
.car application/ CURL Applet
.cat application/ Microsoft Trust UI Provider - Security Catalog
.ccxml application/ccxml+xml, Voice Browser Call Control
.cdbcmsg application/ CIM Database
.cdkey application/vnd.mediastation.cdkey MediaRemote
.cdmia application/cdmi-capability Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) - Capability
.cdmic application/cdmi-container Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) - Contaimer
.cdmid application/cdmi-domain Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) - Domain
.cdmio application/cdmi-object Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) - Object
.cdmiq application/cdmi-queue Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) - Queue
.cdx chemical/x-cdx ChemDraw eXchange file
.cdxml application/vnd.chemdraw+xml CambridgeSoft Chem Draw
.cdy application/vnd.cinderella Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella
.cer application/pkix-cert Internet Public Key Infrastructure - Certificate
.cgm image/cgm Computer Graphics Metafile
.chat application/x-chat pIRCh
.chm application/ Microsoft Html Help File
.chrt application/vnd.kde.kchart KDE KOffice Office Suite - KChart
.cif chemical/x-cif Crystallographic Interchange Format
.cii application/vnd.anser-web-certificate-issue-initiation ANSER-WEB Terminal Client - Certificate Issue
.cil application/ Microsoft Artgalry
.cla application/vnd.claymore Claymore Data Files
.class application/java-vm Java Bytecode File
.clkk application/vnd.crick.clicker.keyboard CrickSoftware - Clicker - Keyboard
.clkp application/vnd.crick.clicker.palette CrickSoftware - Clicker - Palette
.clkt application/vnd.crick.clicker.template CrickSoftware - Clicker - Template
.clkw application/vnd.crick.clicker.wordbank CrickSoftware - Clicker - Wordbank
.clkx application/vnd.crick.clicker CrickSoftware - Clicker
.clp application/x-msclip Microsoft Clipboard Clip
.cmc application/vnd.cosmocaller CosmoCaller
.cmdf chemical/x-cmdf CrystalMaker Data Format
.cml chemical/x-cml Chemical Markup Language
.cmp application/vnd.yellowriver-custom-menu CustomMenu
.cmx image/x-cmx Corel Metafile Exchange (CMX)
.cod application/vnd.rim.cod
.cpio application/x-cpio CPIO Archive
.cpt application/mac-compactpro Compact Pro
.crd application/x-mscardfile Microsoft Information Card
.crl application/pkix-crl Internet Public Key Infrastructure - Certificate Revocation Lists
.cryptonote application/vnd.rig.cryptonote CryptoNote
.csh application/x-csh C Shell Script
.csml chemical/x-csml Chemical Style Markup Language
.csp application/vnd.commonspace Sixth Floor Media - CommonSpace
.css text/css Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
.csv text/csv Comma-Seperated Values
.cu application/cu-seeme CU-SeeMe
.curl text/vnd.curl Curl - Applet
.cww application/prs.cww
.dae model/vnd.collada+xml COLLADA
.daf application/vnd.mobius.daf Mobius Management Systems - UniversalArchive
.davmount application/davmount+xml Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning
.dcurl text/vnd.curl.dcurl Curl - Detached Applet
.dd2 application/vnd.oma.dd2+xml OMA Download Agents
.ddd application/ Fujitsu - Xerox 2D CAD Data
.deb application/x-debian-package Debian Package
.der application/x-x509-ca-cert X.509 Certificate
.dfac application/vnd.dreamfactory DreamFactory
.dir application/x-director Adobe Shockwave Player
.dis application/vnd.mobius.dis Mobius Management Systems - Distribution Database
.djvu image/vnd.djvu DjVu
.dmg application/x-apple-diskimage Apple Disk Image
.dna application/vnd.dna New Moon Liftoff/DNA
.doc application/msword Microsoft Word
.docm application/ Microsoft Word - Macro-Enabled Document
.docx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document Microsoft Office - OOXML - Word Document
.dotm application/ Microsoft Word - Macro-Enabled Template
.dotx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.template Microsoft Office - OOXML - Word Document Template
.dp application/vnd.osgi.dp OSGi Deployment Package
.dpg application/vnd.dpgraph DPGraph
.dra audio/vnd.dra DRA Audio
.dsc text/prs.lines.tag PRS Lines Tag
.dssc application/dssc+der Data Structure for the Security Suitability of Cryptographic Algorithms
.dtb application/x-dtbook+xml Digital Talking Book
.dtd application/xml-dtd Document Type Definition
.dts audio/vnd.dts DTS Audio
.dtshd audio/vnd.dts.hd DTS High Definition Audio
.dvi application/x-dvi Device Independent File Format (DVI)
.dwf model/vnd.dwf Autodesk Design Web Format (DWF)
.dwg image/vnd.dwg DWG Drawing
.dxf image/vnd.dxf AutoCAD DXF
.dxp application/vnd.spotfire.dxp TIBCO Spotfire
.ecelp4800 audio/vnd.nuera.ecelp4800 Nuera ECELP 4800
.ecelp7470 audio/vnd.nuera.ecelp7470 Nuera ECELP 7470
.ecelp9600 audio/vnd.nuera.ecelp9600 Nuera ECELP 9600
.edm application/vnd.novadigm.edm Novadigm's RADIA and EDM products
.edx application/vnd.novadigm.edx Novadigm's RADIA and EDM products
.efif application/vnd.picsel Pcsel eFIF File
.ei6 application/ Proprietary P&G Standard Reporting System
.eml message/rfc822 Email Message
.emma application/emma+xml Extensible MultiModal Annotation
.eol audio/ Digital Winds Music
.eot application/ Microsoft Embedded OpenType
.epub application/epub+zip Electronic Publication
.es application/ecmascript ECMAScript
.es3 application/vnd.eszigno3+xml MICROSEC e-Szign?
.esf application/ QUASS Stream Player
.etx text/x-setext Setext
.exe application/x-msdownload Microsoft Application
.exi application/exi Efficient XML Interchange
.ext application/vnd.novadigm.ext Novadigm's RADIA and EDM products
.ez2 application/vnd.ezpix-album EZPix Secure Photo Album
.ez3 application/vnd.ezpix-package EZPix Secure Photo Album
.f text/x-fortran Fortran Source File
.f4v video/x-f4v Flash Video
.fbs image/vnd.fastbidsheet FastBid Sheet
.fcs application/vnd.isac.fcs International Society for Advancement of Cytometry
.fdf application/vnd.fdf Forms Data Format
.fe_launch application/vnd.denovo.fcselayout-link FCS Express Layout Link
.fg5 application/ Fujitsu Oasys
.fh image/x-freehand FreeHand MX
.fig application/x-xfig Xfig
.fli video/x-fli FLI/FLC Animation Format
.flo application/vnd.micrografx.flo Micrografx
.flv video/x-flv Flash Video
.flw application/vnd.kde.kivio KDE KOffice Office Suite - Kivio
.flx text/vnd.fmi.flexstor FLEXSTOR
.fly text/ mod_fly / fly.cgi
.fm application/vnd.framemaker FrameMaker Normal Format
.fnc application/ Frogans Player
.fpx image/vnd.fpx FlashPix
.fsc application/vnd.fsc.weblaunch Friendly Software Corporation
.fst image/vnd.fst FAST Search & Transfer ASA
.ftc application/vnd.fluxtime.clip FluxTime Clip
.fti application/vnd.anser-web-funds-transfer-initiation ANSER-WEB Terminal Client - Web Funds Transfer
.fvt video/vnd.fvt FAST Search & Transfer ASA
.fxp application/vnd.adobe.fxp Adobe Flex Project
.fzs application/vnd.fuzzysheet FuzzySheet
.g2w application/vnd.geoplan GeoplanW
.g3 image/g3fax G3 Fax Image
.g3w application/vnd.geospace GeospacW
.gac application/vnd.groove-account Groove - Account
.gdl model/vnd.gdl Geometric Description Language (GDL)
.geo application/vnd.dynageo DynaGeo
.gex application/vnd.geometry-explorer GeoMetry Explorer
.ggb application/vnd.geogebra.file GeoGebra
.ggt application/vnd.geogebra.tool GeoGebra
.ghf application/vnd.groove-help Groove - Help
.gif image/gif Graphics Interchange Format
.gim application/vnd.groove-identity-message Groove - Identity Message
.gmx application/ GameMaker ActiveX
.gnumeric application/x-gnumeric Gnumeric
.gph application/vnd.flographit NpGraphIt
.gqf application/vnd.grafeq GrafEq
.gram application/srgs Speech Recognition Grammar Specification
.grv application/vnd.groove-injector Groove - Injector
.grxml application/srgs+xml Speech Recognition Grammar Specification - XML
.gsf application/x-font-ghostscript Ghostscript Font
.gtar application/x-gtar GNU Tar Files
.gtm application/vnd.groove-tool-message Groove - Tool Message
.gtw model/vnd.gtw Gen-Trix Studio
.gv text/vnd.graphviz Graphviz
.gxt application/vnd.geonext GEONExT and JSXGraph
.h261 video/h261 H.261
.h263 video/h263 H.263
.h264 video/h264 H.264
.hal application/vnd.hal+xml Hypertext Application Language
.hbci application/vnd.hbci Homebanking Computer Interface (HBCI)
.hdf application/x-hdf Hierarchical Data Format
.hlp application/winhlp WinHelp
.hpgl application/vnd.hp-hpgl HP-GL/2 and HP RTL
.hpid application/vnd.hp-hpid Hewlett Packard Instant Delivery
.hps application/vnd.hp-hps Hewlett-Packard's WebPrintSmart
.hqx application/mac-binhex40 Macintosh BinHex 4.0
.htke application/vnd.kenameaapp Kenamea App
.html text/html HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
.hvd application/vnd.yamaha.hv-dic HV Voice Dictionary
.hvp application/vnd.yamaha.hv-voice HV Voice Parameter
.hvs application/vnd.yamaha.hv-script HV Script
.i2g application/vnd.intergeo Interactive Geometry Software
.icc application/vnd.iccprofile ICC profile
.ice x-conference/x-cooltalk CoolTalk
.ico image/x-icon Icon Image
.ics text/calendar iCalendar
.ief image/ief Image Exchange Format
.ifm application/vnd.shana.informed.formdata Shana Informed Filler
.igl application/vnd.igloader igLoader
.igm application/vnd.insors.igm IOCOM Visimeet
.igs model/iges Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES)
.igx application/vnd.micrografx.igx Micrografx iGrafx Professional
.iif application/vnd.shana.informed.interchange Shana Informed Filler
.imp application/vnd.accpac.simply.imp Simply Accounting - Data Import
.ims application/ Microsoft Class Server
.ipfix application/ipfix Internet Protocol Flow Information Export
.ipk application/vnd.shana.informed.package Shana Informed Filler
.irm application/ IBM DB2 Rights Manager
.irp application/vnd.irepository.package+xml iRepository / Lucidoc Editor
.itp application/vnd.shana.informed.formtemplate Shana Informed Filler
.ivp application/vnd.immervision-ivp ImmerVision PURE Players
.ivu application/vnd.immervision-ivu ImmerVision PURE Players
.jad text/ J2ME App Descriptor
.jam application/vnd.jam Lightspeed Audio Lab
.jar application/java-archive Java Archive
.java text/x-java-source,java Java Source File
.jisp application/vnd.jisp RhymBox
.jlt application/vnd.hp-jlyt HP Indigo Digital Press - Job Layout Languate
.jnlp application/x-java-jnlp-file Java Network Launching Protocol
.joda application/vnd.joost.joda-archive Joda Archive
.jpeg, .jpg image/jpeg JPEG Image
.jpeg, .jpg image/x-citrix-jpeg JPEG Image (Citrix client)
.jpgv video/jpeg JPGVideo
.jpm video/jpm JPEG 2000 Compound Image File Format
.js application/javascript JavaScript
.json application/json JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
.karbon application/vnd.kde.karbon KDE KOffice Office Suite - Karbon
.kfo application/vnd.kde.kformula KDE KOffice Office Suite - Kformula
.kia application/vnd.kidspiration Kidspiration
.kml application/ Google Earth - KML
.kmz application/ Google Earth - Zipped KML
.kne application/vnd.kinar Kinar Applications
.kon application/vnd.kde.kontour KDE KOffice Office Suite - Kontour
.kpr application/vnd.kde.kpresenter KDE KOffice Office Suite - Kpresenter
.ksp application/vnd.kde.kspread KDE KOffice Office Suite - Kspread
.ktx image/ktx OpenGL Textures (KTX)
.ktz application/vnd.kahootz Kahootz
.kwd application/vnd.kde.kword KDE KOffice Office Suite - Kword
.lasxml application/vnd.las.las+xml Laser App Enterprise
.latex application/x-latex LaTeX
.lbd application/ Life Balance - Desktop Edition
.lbe application/ Life Balance - Exchange Format
.les application/vnd.hhe.lesson-player Archipelago Lesson Player
.link66 application/vnd.route66.link66+xml ROUTE 66 Location Based Services
.lrm application/ Microsoft Learning Resource Module
.ltf application/ Frogans Player
.lvp audio/vnd.lucent.voice Lucent Voice
.lwp application/vnd.lotus-wordpro Lotus Wordpro
.m21 application/mp21 MPEG-21
.m3u audio/x-mpegurl M3U (Multimedia Playlist)
.m3u8 application/ Multimedia Playlist Unicode
.m4v video/x-m4v M4v
.ma application/mathematica Mathematica Notebooks
.mads application/mads+xml Metadata Authority Description Schema
.mag application/vnd.ecowin.chart EcoWin Chart
.mathml application/mathml+xml Mathematical Markup Language
.mbk application/vnd.mobius.mbk Mobius Management Systems - Basket file
.mbox application/mbox Mbox database files
.mc1 application/vnd.medcalcdata MedCalc
.mcd application/ Micro CADAM Helix D&D
.mcurl text/vnd.curl.mcurl Curl - Manifest File
.mdb application/x-msaccess Microsoft Access
.mdi image/ Microsoft Document Imaging Format
.meta4 application/metalink4+xml Metalink
.mets application/mets+xml Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard
.mfm application/vnd.mfmp Melody Format for Mobile Platform
.mgp application/vnd.osgeo.mapguide.package MapGuide DBXML
.mgz application/vnd.proteus.magazine EFI Proteus
.mid audio/midi MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface
.mif application/vnd.mif FrameMaker Interchange Format
.mj2 video/mj2 Motion JPEG 2000
.mlp application/vnd.dolby.mlp Dolby Meridian Lossless Packing
.mmd application/vnd.chipnuts.karaoke-mmd Karaoke on Chipnuts Chipsets
.mmf application/vnd.smaf SMAF File
.mmr image/ EDMICS 2000
.mny application/x-msmoney Microsoft Money
.mods application/mods+xml Metadata Object Description Schema
.movie video/x-sgi-movie SGI Movie
.mp4 application/mp4 MPEG4
.mp4 video/mp4 MPEG-4 Video
.mp4a audio/mp4 MPEG-4 Audio
.mpc application/vnd.mophun.certificate Mophun Certificate
.mpeg video/mpeg MPEG Video
.mpga audio/mpeg MPEG Audio
.mpkg application/ Apple Installer Package
.mpm application/vnd.blueice.multipass Blueice Research Multipass
.mpn application/vnd.mophun.application Mophun VM
.mpp application/ Microsoft Project
.mpy application/ MiniPay
.mqy application/vnd.mobius.mqy Mobius Management Systems - Query File
.mrc application/marc MARC Formats
.mrcx application/marcxml+xml MARC21 XML Schema
.mscml application/mediaservercontrol+xml Media Server Control Markup Language
.mseq application/vnd.mseq 3GPP MSEQ File
.msf application/ QUASS Stream Player
.msh model/mesh Mesh Data Type
.msl application/vnd.mobius.msl Mobius Management Systems - Script Language
.msty application/ Muvee Automatic Video Editing
.mts model/vnd.mts Virtue MTS
.mus application/vnd.musician MUsical Score Interpreted Code Invented for the ASCII designation of Notation
.musicxml application/vnd.recordare.musicxml+xml Recordare Applications
.mvb application/x-msmediaview Microsoft MediaView
.mwf application/vnd.mfer Medical Waveform Encoding Format
.mxf application/mxf Material Exchange Format
.mxl application/vnd.recordare.musicxml Recordare Applications
.mxml application/xv+xml MXML
.mxs application/vnd.triscape.mxs Triscape Map Explorer
.mxu video/vnd.mpegurl MPEG Url
.n-gage application/ N-Gage Game Installer
.n3 text/n3 Notation3
.nbp application/vnd.wolfram.player Mathematica Notebook Player
.nc application/x-netcdf Network Common Data Form (NetCDF)
.ncx application/x-dtbncx+xml Navigation Control file for XML (for ePub)
.ngdat application/ N-Gage Game Data
.nlu application/vnd.neurolanguage.nlu neuroLanguage
.nml application/vnd.enliven Enliven Viewer
.nnd application/vnd.noblenet-directory NobleNet Directory
.nns application/vnd.noblenet-sealer NobleNet Sealer
.nnw application/vnd.noblenet-web NobleNet Web
.npx image/ FlashPix
.nsf application/vnd.lotus-notes Lotus Notes
.oa2 application/ Fujitsu Oasys
.oa3 application/ Fujitsu Oasys
.oas application/ Fujitsu Oasys
.obd application/x-msbinder Microsoft Office Binder
.oda application/oda Office Document Architecture
.odb application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.database OpenDocument Database
.odc application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.chart OpenDocument Chart
.odf application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.formula OpenDocument Formula
.odft application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.formula-template OpenDocument Formula Template
.odg application/ OpenDocument Graphics
.odi application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.image OpenDocument Image
.odm application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-master OpenDocument Text Master
.odp application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation OpenDocument Presentation
.ods application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet OpenDocument Spreadsheet
.odt application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text OpenDocument Text
.oga audio/ogg Ogg Audio
.ogv video/ogg Ogg Video
.ogx application/ogg Ogg
.onetoc application/onenote Microsoft OneNote
.opf application/oebps-package+xml Open eBook Publication Structure
.org application/vnd.lotus-organizer Lotus Organizer
.osf application/vnd.yamaha.openscoreformat Open Score Format
.osfpvg application/vnd.yamaha.openscoreformat.osfpvg+xml OSFPVG
.otc application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.chart-template OpenDocument Chart Template
.otf application/x-font-otf OpenType Font File
.otg application/ OpenDocument Graphics Template
.oth application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-web Open Document Text Web
.oti application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.image-template OpenDocument Image Template
.otp application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation-template OpenDocument Presentation Template
.ots application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet-template OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template
.ott application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-template OpenDocument Text Template
.oxt application/vnd.openofficeorg.extension Open Office Extension
.p text/x-pascal Pascal Source File
.p10 application/pkcs10 PKCS #10 - Certification Request Standard
.p12 application/x-pkcs12 PKCS #12 - Personal Information Exchange Syntax Standard
.p7b application/x-pkcs7-certificates PKCS #7 - Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard (Certificates)
.p7m application/pkcs7-mime PKCS #7 - Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard
.p7r application/x-pkcs7-certreqresp PKCS #7 - Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard (Certificate Request Response)
.p7s application/pkcs7-signature PKCS #7 - Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard
.p8 application/pkcs8 PKCS #8 - Private-Key Information Syntax Standard
.par text/plain-bas BAS Partitur Format
.paw application/vnd.pawaafile PawaaFILE
.pbd application/vnd.powerbuilder6 PowerBuilder
.pbm image/x-portable-bitmap Portable Bitmap Format
.pcf application/x-font-pcf Portable Compiled Format
.pcl application/vnd.hp-pcl HP Printer Command Language
.pclxl application/vnd.hp-pclxl PCL 6 Enhanced (Formely PCL XL)
.pcurl application/vnd.curl.pcurl CURL Applet
.pcx image/x-pcx PCX Image
.pdb application/vnd.palm PalmOS Data
.pdf application/pdf Adobe Portable Document Format
.pfa application/x-font-type1 PostScript Fonts
.pfr application/font-tdpfr Portable Font Resource
.pgm image/x-portable-graymap Portable Graymap Format
.pgn application/x-chess-pgn Portable Game Notation (Chess Games)
.pgp application/pgp-encrypted Pretty Good Privacy
.pgp application/pgp-signature Pretty Good Privacy - Signature
.pic image/x-pict PICT Image
.pjpeg image/pjpeg JPEG Image (Progressive)
.pki application/pkixcmp Internet Public Key Infrastructure - Certificate Management Protocole
.pkipath application/pkix-pkipath Internet Public Key Infrastructure - Certification Path
.plb application/vnd.3gpp.pic-bw-large 3rd Generation Partnership Project - Pic Large
.plc application/vnd.mobius.plc Mobius Management Systems - Policy Definition Language File
.plf application/vnd.pocketlearn PocketLearn Viewers
.pls application/pls+xml Pronunciation Lexicon Specification
.pml application/vnd.ctc-posml PosML
.png image/png Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
.png image/x-citrix-png Portable Network Graphics (PNG) (Citrix client)
.png image/x-png Portable Network Graphics (PNG) (x-token)
.pnm image/x-portable-anymap Portable Anymap Image
.portpkg application/vnd.macports.portpkg MacPorts Port System
.potm application/ Microsoft PowerPoint - Macro-Enabled Template File
.potx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.template Microsoft Office - OOXML - Presentation Template
.ppam application/ Microsoft PowerPoint - Add-in file
.ppd application/vnd.cups-ppd Adobe PostScript Printer Description File Format
.ppm image/x-portable-pixmap Portable Pixmap Format
.ppsm application/ Microsoft PowerPoint - Macro-Enabled Slide Show File
.ppsx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.slideshow Microsoft Office - OOXML - Presentation (Slideshow)
.ppt application/ Microsoft PowerPoint
.pptm application/ Microsoft PowerPoint - Macro-Enabled Presentation File
.pptx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation Microsoft Office - OOXML - Presentation
.prc application/x-mobipocket-ebook Mobipocket
.pre application/vnd.lotus-freelance Lotus Freelance
.prf application/pics-rules PICSRules
.psb application/vnd.3gpp.pic-bw-small 3rd Generation Partnership Project - Pic Small
.psd image/vnd.adobe.photoshop Photoshop Document
.psf application/x-font-linux-psf PSF Fonts
.pskcxml application/pskc+xml Portable Symmetric Key Container
.ptid application/vnd.pvi.ptid1 Princeton Video Image
.pub application/x-mspublisher Microsoft Publisher
.pvb application/vnd.3gpp.pic-bw-var 3rd Generation Partnership Project - Pic Var
.pwn application/ 3M Post It Notes
.pya audio/ Microsoft PlayReady Ecosystem
.pyv video/ Microsoft PlayReady Ecosystem Video
.qam application/ QuickAnime Player
.qbo application/vnd.intu.qbo Open Financial Exchange
.qfx application/vnd.intu.qfx Quicken
.qps application/vnd.publishare-delta-tree PubliShare Objects
.qt video/quicktime Quicktime Video
.qxd application/vnd.quark.quarkxpress QuarkXpress
.ram audio/x-pn-realaudio Real Audio Sound
.rar application/x-rar-compressed RAR Archive
.ras image/x-cmu-raster
.rcprofile application/vnd.ipunplugged.rcprofile IP Unplugged Roaming Client
.rdf application/rdf+xml Resource Description Framework
.rdz application/ RemoteDocs R-Viewer
.rep application/vnd.businessobjects BusinessObjects
.res application/x-dtbresource+xml Digital Talking Book - Resource File
.rgb image/x-rgb Silicon Graphics RGB Bitmap
.rif application/reginfo+xml
.rip audio/ Hit'n'Mix
.rl application/resource-lists+xml XML Resource Lists
.rlc image/ EDMICS 2000
.rld application/resource-lists-diff+xml XML Resource Lists Diff
.rm application/vnd.rn-realmedia
.rmp audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin Real Audio Sound
.rms application/ Mobile Information Device Profile
.rnc application/relax-ng-compact-syntax Relax NG Compact Syntax
.rp9 application/vnd.cloanto.rp9 RetroPlatform Player
.rpss application/ Nokia Radio Application - Preset
.rpst application/ Nokia Radio Application - Preset
.rq application/sparql-query SPARQL - Query
.rs application/rls-services+xml XML Resource Lists
.rsd application/rsd+xml Really Simple Discovery
.rss, .xml application/rss+xml RSS - Really Simple Syndication
.rtf application/rtf Rich Text Format
.rtx text/richtext Rich Text Format (RTF)
.s text/x-asm Assembler Source File
.saf application/vnd.yamaha.smaf-audio SMAF Audio
.sbml application/sbml+xml Systems Biology Markup Language
.sc application/ IBM Electronic Media Management System - Secure Container
.scd application/x-msschedule Microsoft Schedule+
.scm application/vnd.lotus-screencam Lotus Screencam
.scq application/scvp-cv-request Server-Based Certificate Validation Protocol - Validation Request
.scs application/scvp-cv-response Server-Based Certificate Validation Protocol - Validation Response
.scurl text/vnd.curl.scurl Curl - Source Code
.sda application/vnd.stardivision.draw
.sdc application/vnd.stardivision.calc
.sdd application/vnd.stardivision.impress
.sdkm application/vnd.solent.sdkm+xml SudokuMagic
.sdp application/sdp Session Description Protocol
.sdw application/vnd.stardivision.writer
.see application/vnd.seemail SeeMail
.seed application/vnd.fdsn.seed Digital Siesmograph Networks - SEED Datafiles
.sema application/vnd.sema Secured eMail
.semd application/vnd.semd Secured eMail
.semf application/vnd.semf Secured eMail
.ser application/java-serialized-object Java Serialized Object
.setpay application/set-payment-initiation Secure Electronic Transaction - Payment
.setreg application/set-registration-initiation Secure Electronic Transaction - Registration
.sfd-hdstx application/vnd.hydrostatix.sof-data Hydrostatix Master Suite
.sfs application/vnd.spotfire.sfs TIBCO Spotfire
.sgl application/vnd.stardivision.writer-global
.sgml text/sgml Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)
.sh application/x-sh Bourne Shell Script
.shar application/x-shar Shell Archive
.shf application/shf+xml S Hexdump Format
.sis application/vnd.symbian.install Symbian Install Package
.sit application/x-stuffit Stuffit Archive
.sitx application/x-stuffitx Stuffit Archive
.skp application/vnd.koan SSEYO Koan Play File
.sldm application/ Microsoft PowerPoint - Macro-Enabled Open XML Slide
.sldx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.slide Microsoft Office - OOXML - Presentation (Slide)
.slt application/ SimpleAnimeLite Player
.sm application/vnd.stepmania.stepchart StepMania
.smf application/vnd.stardivision.math
.smi application/smil+xml Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
.snf application/x-font-snf Server Normal Format
.spf application/vnd.yamaha.smaf-phrase SMAF Phrase
.spl application/x-futuresplash FutureSplash Animator
.spot text/ In3D - 3DML
.spp application/scvp-vp-response Server-Based Certificate Validation Protocol - Validation Policies - Response
.spq application/scvp-vp-request Server-Based Certificate Validation Protocol - Validation Policies - Request
.src application/x-wais-source WAIS Source
.sru application/sru+xml Search/Retrieve via URL Response Format
.srx application/sparql-results+xml SPARQL - Results
.sse application/vnd.kodak-descriptor Kodak Storyshare
.ssf application/ QUASS Stream Player
.ssml application/ssml+xml Speech Synthesis Markup Language
.st application/vnd.sailingtracker.track SailingTracker
.stc application/vnd.sun.xml.calc.template OpenOffice - Calc Template (Spreadsheet)
.std application/vnd.sun.xml.draw.template OpenOffice - Draw Template (Graphics)
.stf application/vnd.wt.stf Worldtalk
.sti application/vnd.sun.xml.impress.template OpenOffice - Impress Template (Presentation)
.stk application/hyperstudio Hyperstudio
.stl application/ Microsoft Trust UI Provider - Certificate Trust Link
.str application/ Proprietary P&G Standard Reporting System
.stw application/vnd.sun.xml.writer.template OpenOffice - Writer Template (Text - HTML)
.sub image/vnd.dvb.subtitle Close Captioning - Subtitle
.sus application/vnd.sus-calendar ScheduleUs
.sv4cpio application/x-sv4cpio System V Release 4 CPIO Archive
.sv4crc application/x-sv4crc System V Release 4 CPIO Checksum Data
.svc application/vnd.dvb.service Digital Video Broadcasting
.svd application/vnd.svd SourceView Document
.svg image/svg+xml Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
.swf application/x-shockwave-flash Adobe Flash
.swi application/vnd.aristanetworks.swi Arista Networks Software Image
.sxc application/vnd.sun.xml.calc OpenOffice - Calc (Spreadsheet)
.sxd application/vnd.sun.xml.draw OpenOffice - Draw (Graphics)
.sxg application/ OpenOffice - Writer (Text - HTML)
.sxi application/vnd.sun.xml.impress OpenOffice - Impress (Presentation)
.sxm application/vnd.sun.xml.math OpenOffice - Math (Formula)
.sxw application/vnd.sun.xml.writer OpenOffice - Writer (Text - HTML)
.t text/troff troff
.tao application/vnd.tao.intent-module-archive Tao Intent
.tar application/x-tar Tar File (Tape Archive)
.tcap application/vnd.3gpp2.tcap 3rd Generation Partnership Project - Transaction Capabilities Application Part
.tcl application/x-tcl Tcl Script
.teacher application/ SMART Technologies Apps
.tei application/tei+xml Text Encoding and Interchange
.tex application/x-tex TeX
.texinfo application/x-texinfo GNU Texinfo Document
.tfi application/thraud+xml Sharing Transaction Fraud Data
.tfm application/x-tex-tfm TeX Font Metric
.thmx application/ Microsoft Office System Release Theme
.tiff image/tiff Tagged Image File Format
.tmo application/vnd.tmobile-livetv MobileTV
.torrent application/x-bittorrent BitTorrent
.tpl application/vnd.groove-tool-template Groove - Tool Template
.tpt application/vnd.trid.tpt TRI Systems Config
.tra application/vnd.trueapp True BASIC
.trm application/x-msterminal Microsoft Windows Terminal Services
.tsd application/timestamped-data Time Stamped Data Envelope
.tsv text/tab-separated-values Tab Seperated Values
.ttf application/x-font-ttf TrueType Font
.ttl text/turtle Turtle (Terse RDF Triple Language)
.twd application/vnd.simtech-mindmapper SimTech MindMapper
.txd application/vnd.genomatix.tuxedo Genomatix Tuxedo Framework
.txf application/vnd.mobius.txf Mobius Management Systems - Topic Index File
.txt text/plain Text File
.ufd application/vnd.ufdl Universal Forms Description Language
.umj application/vnd.umajin UMAJIN
.unityweb application/vnd.unity Unity 3d
.uoml application/vnd.uoml+xml Unique Object Markup Language
.uri text/uri-list URI Resolution Services
.ustar application/x-ustar Ustar (Uniform Standard Tape Archive)
.utz application/vnd.uiq.theme User Interface Quartz - Theme (Symbian)
.uu text/x-uuencode UUEncode
.uva audio/ DECE Audio
.uvh video/vnd.dece.hd DECE High Definition Video
.uvi image/vnd.dece.graphic DECE Graphic
.uvm video/ DECE Mobile Video
.uvp video/vnd.dece.pd DECE PD Video
.uvs video/ DECE SD Video
.uvu video/vnd.uvvu.mp4 DECE MP4
.uvv video/ DECE Video
.vcd application/x-cdlink Video CD
.vcf text/x-vcard vCard
.vcg application/vnd.groove-vcard Groove - Vcard
.vcs text/x-vcalendar vCalendar
.vcx application/vnd.vcx VirtualCatalog
.vis application/vnd.visionary Visionary
.viv video/ Vivo
.vsd application/vnd.visio Microsoft Visio
.vsdx application/vnd.visio2013 Microsoft Visio 2013
.vsf application/vnd.vsf Viewport+
.vtu model/vnd.vtu Virtue VTU
.vxml application/voicexml+xml VoiceXML
.wad application/x-doom Doom Video Game
.wav audio/x-wav Waveform Audio File Format (WAV)
.wax audio/x-ms-wax Microsoft Windows Media Audio Redirector
.wbmp image/vnd.wap.wbmp WAP Bitamp (WBMP)
.wbs application/vnd.criticaltools.wbs+xml Critical Tools - PERT Chart EXPERT
.wbxml application/vnd.wap.wbxml WAP Binary XML (WBXML)
.weba audio/webm Open Web Media Project - Audio
.webm video/webm Open Web Media Project - Video
.webp image/webp WebP Image
.wg application/vnd.pmi.widget Qualcomm's Plaza Mobile Internet
.wgt application/widget Widget Packaging and XML Configuration
.wm video/x-ms-wm Microsoft Windows Media
.wma audio/x-ms-wma Microsoft Windows Media Audio
.wmd application/x-ms-wmd Microsoft Windows Media Player Download Package
.wmf application/x-msmetafile Microsoft Windows Metafile
.wml text/vnd.wap.wml Wireless Markup Language (WML)
.wmlc application/vnd.wap.wmlc Compiled Wireless Markup Language (WMLC)
.wmls text/vnd.wap.wmlscript Wireless Markup Language Script (WMLScript)
.wmlsc application/vnd.wap.wmlscriptc WMLScript
.wmv video/x-ms-wmv Microsoft Windows Media Video
.wmx video/x-ms-wmx Microsoft Windows Media Audio/Video Playlist
.wmz application/x-ms-wmz Microsoft Windows Media Player Skin Package
.woff application/x-font-woff Web Open Font Format
.wpd application/vnd.wordperfect Wordperfect
.wpl application/ Microsoft Windows Media Player Playlist
.wps application/ Microsoft Works
.wqd application/vnd.wqd SundaHus WQ
.wri application/x-mswrite Microsoft Wordpad
.wrl model/vrml Virtual Reality Modeling Language
.wsdl application/wsdl+xml WSDL - Web Services Description Language
.wspolicy application/wspolicy+xml Web Services Policy
.wtb application/vnd.webturbo WebTurbo
.wvx video/x-ms-wvx Microsoft Windows Media Video Playlist
.x3d application/vnd.hzn-3d-crossword 3D Crossword Plugin
.xap application/x-silverlight-app Microsoft Silverlight
.xar application/vnd.xara CorelXARA
.xbap application/x-ms-xbap Microsoft XAML Browser Application
.xbd application/ Fujitsu - Xerox DocuWorks Binder
.xbm image/x-xbitmap X BitMap
.xdf application/xcap-diff+xml XML Configuration Access Protocol - XCAP Diff
.xdm application/ SyncML - Device Management
.xdp application/vnd.adobe.xdp+xml Adobe XML Data Package
.xdssc application/dssc+xml Data Structure for the Security Suitability of Cryptographic Algorithms
.xdw application/ Fujitsu - Xerox DocuWorks
.xenc application/xenc+xml XML Encryption Syntax and Processing
.xer application/patch-ops-error+xml XML Patch Framework
.xfdf application/vnd.adobe.xfdf Adobe XML Forms Data Format
.xfdl application/vnd.xfdl Extensible Forms Description Language
.xhtml application/xhtml+xml XHTML - The Extensible HyperText Markup Language
.xif image/vnd.xiff eXtended Image File Format (XIFF)
.xlam application/ Microsoft Excel - Add-In File
.xls application/ Microsoft Excel
.xlsb application/ Microsoft Excel - Binary Workbook
.xlsm application/ Microsoft Excel - Macro-Enabled Workbook
.xlsx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet Microsoft Office - OOXML - Spreadsheet
.xltm application/ Microsoft Excel - Macro-Enabled Template File
.xltx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.template Microsoft Office - OOXML - Spreadsheet Template
.xml application/xml XML - Extensible Markup Language
.xo application/vnd.olpc-sugar Sugar Linux Application Bundle
.xop application/xop+xml XML-Binary Optimized Packaging
.xpi application/x-xpinstall XPInstall - Mozilla
.xpm image/x-xpixmap X PixMap
.xpr application/ Express by Infoseek
.xps application/ Microsoft XML Paper Specification
.xpw application/vnd.intercon.formnet Intercon FormNet
.xslt application/xslt+xml XML Transformations
.xsm application/vnd.syncml+xml SyncML
.xspf application/xspf+xml XSPF - XML Shareable Playlist Format
.xul application/vnd.mozilla.xul+xml XUL - XML User Interface Language
.xwd image/x-xwindowdump X Window Dump
.xyz chemical/x-xyz XYZ File Format
.yaml text/yaml YAML Ain't Markup Language / Yet Another Markup Language
.yang application/yang YANG Data Modeling Language
.yin application/yin+xml YIN (YANG - XML)
.zaz application/vnd.zzazz.deck+xml Zzazz Deck
.zip application/zip Zip Archive
.zir application/vnd.zul Z.U.L. Geometry
.zmm application/vnd.handheld-entertainment+xml ZVUE Media Manager
File extension Possible MIME type
.3dm x-world/x-3dmf
.3dmf x-world/x-3dmf
.a application/octet-stream
.aab application/x-authorware-bin
.aam application/x-authorware-map
.aas application/x-authorware-seg
.abc text/
.acgi text/html
.afl video/animaflex
.ai application/postscript
.aif audio/aiff
.aif audio/x-aiff
.aifc audio/aiff
.aifc audio/x-aiff
.aiff audio/aiff
.aiff audio/x-aiff
.aim application/x-aim
.aip text/x-audiosoft-intra
.ani application/x-navi-animation
.aos application/x-nokia-9000-communicator-add-on-software
.aps application/mime
.arc application/octet-stream
.arj application/arj
.arj application/octet-stream
.art image/x-jg
.asf video/x-ms-asf
.asm text/x-asm
.asp text/asp
.asx application/x-mplayer2
.asx video/x-ms-asf
.asx video/x-ms-asf-plugin
.au audio/basic
.au audio/x-au
.avi application/x-troff-msvideo
.avi video/avi
.avi video/msvideo
.avi video/x-msvideo
.avs video/avs-video
.bcpio application/x-bcpio
.bin application/mac-binary
.bin application/macbinary
.bin application/octet-stream
.bin application/x-binary
.bin application/x-macbinary
.bm image/bmp
.bmp image/bmp
.bmp image/x-windows-bmp
.boo application/book
.book application/book
.boz application/x-bzip2
.bsh application/x-bsh
.bz application/x-bzip
.bz2 application/x-bzip2
.c text/plain
.c text/x-c
.c++ text/plain
.cat application/
.cc text/plain
.cc text/x-c
.ccad application/clariscad
.cco application/x-cocoa
.cdf application/cdf
.cdf application/x-cdf
.cdf application/x-netcdf
.cer application/pkix-cert
.cer application/x-x509-ca-cert
.cha application/x-chat
.chat application/x-chat
.class application/java
.class application/java-byte-code
.class application/x-java-class
.com application/octet-stream
.com text/plain
.conf text/plain
.cpio application/x-cpio
.cpp text/x-c
.cpt application/mac-compactpro
.cpt application/x-compactpro
.cpt application/x-cpt
.crl application/pkcs-crl
.crl application/pkix-crl
.crt application/pkix-cert
.crt application/x-x509-ca-cert
.crt application/x-x509-user-cert
.csh application/x-csh
.csh text/x-script.csh
.css application/x-pointplus
.css text/css
.cxx text/plain
.dcr application/x-director
.deepv application/x-deepv
.def text/plain
.der application/x-x509-ca-cert
.dif video/x-dv
.dir application/x-director
.dl video/dl
.dl video/x-dl
.doc application/msword
.dot application/msword
.dp application/commonground
.drw application/drafting
.dump application/octet-stream
.dv video/x-dv
.dvi application/x-dvi
.dwf drawing/x-dwf (old)
.dwf model/vnd.dwf
.dwg application/acad
.dwg image/vnd.dwg
.dwg image/x-dwg
.dxf application/dxf
.dxf image/vnd.dwg
.dxf image/x-dwg
.dxr application/x-director
.el text/x-script.elisp
.elc application/x-bytecode.elisp (compiled elisp)
.elc application/x-elc
.env application/x-envoy
.eps application/postscript
.es application/x-esrehber
.etx text/x-setext
.evy application/envoy
.evy application/x-envoy
.exe application/octet-stream
.f text/plain
.f text/x-fortran
.f77 text/x-fortran
.f90 text/plain
.f90 text/x-fortran
.fdf application/vnd.fdf
.fif application/fractals
.fif image/fif
.fli video/fli
.fli video/x-fli
.flo image/florian
.flx text/vnd.fmi.flexstor
.fmf video/x-atomic3d-feature
.for text/plain
.for text/x-fortran
.fpx image/vnd.fpx
.fpx image/
.frl application/freeloader
.funk audio/make
.g text/plain
.g3 image/g3fax
.gif image/gif
.gl video/gl
.gl video/x-gl
.gsd audio/x-gsm
.gsm audio/x-gsm
.gsp application/x-gsp
.gss application/x-gss
.gtar application/x-gtar
.gz application/x-compressed
.gz application/x-gzip
.gzip application/x-gzip
.gzip multipart/x-gzip
.h text/plain
.h text/x-h
.hdf application/x-hdf
.help application/x-helpfile
.hgl application/vnd.hp-hpgl
.hh text/plain
.hh text/x-h
.hlb text/x-script
.hlp application/hlp
.hlp application/x-helpfile
.hlp application/x-winhelp
.hpg application/vnd.hp-hpgl
.hpgl application/vnd.hp-hpgl
.hqx application/binhex
.hqx application/binhex4
.hqx application/mac-binhex
.hqx application/mac-binhex40
.hqx application/x-binhex40
.hqx application/x-mac-binhex40
.hta application/hta
.htc text/x-component
.htm text/html
.html text/html
.htmls text/html
.htt text/webviewhtml
.htx text/html
.ice x-conference/x-cooltalk
.ico image/x-icon
.idc text/plain
.ief image/ief
.iefs image/ief
.iges application/iges
.iges model/iges
.igs application/iges
.igs model/iges
.ima application/x-ima
.imap application/x-httpd-imap
.inf application/inf
.ins application/x-internett-signup
.ip application/x-ip2
.isu video/x-isvideo
.it audio/it
.iv application/x-inventor
.ivr i-world/i-vrml
.ivy application/x-livescreen
.jam audio/x-jam
.jav text/plain
.jav text/x-java-source
.java text/plain
.java text/x-java-source
.jcm application/x-java-commerce
.jfif image/jpeg
.jfif image/pjpeg
.jfif-tbnl image/jpeg
.jpe image/jpeg
.jpe image/pjpeg
.jpeg image/jpeg
.jpeg image/pjpeg
.jpg image/jpeg
.jpg image/pjpeg
.jps image/x-jps
.js application/x-javascript
.js application/javascript
.js application/ecmascript
.js text/javascript
.js text/ecmascript
.jut image/jutvision
.kar audio/midi
.kar music/x-karaoke
.ksh application/x-ksh
.ksh text/x-script.ksh
.la audio/nspaudio
.la audio/x-nspaudio
.lam audio/x-liveaudio
.latex application/x-latex
.lha application/lha
.lha application/octet-stream
.lha application/x-lha
.lhx application/octet-stream
.list text/plain
.lma audio/nspaudio
.lma audio/x-nspaudio
.log text/plain
.lsp application/x-lisp
.lsp text/x-script.lisp
.lst text/plain
.lsx text/x-la-asf
.ltx application/x-latex
.lzh application/octet-stream
.lzh application/x-lzh
.lzx application/lzx
.lzx application/octet-stream
.lzx application/x-lzx
.m text/plain
.m text/x-m
.m1v video/mpeg
.m2a audio/mpeg
.m2v video/mpeg
.m3u audio/x-mpequrl
.man application/x-troff-man
.map application/x-navimap
.mar text/plain
.mbd application/mbedlet
.mc$ application/x-magic-cap-package-1.0
.mcd application/mcad
.mcd application/x-mathcad
.mcf image/vasa
.mcf text/mcf
.mcp application/netmc
.me application/x-troff-me
.mht message/rfc822
.mhtml message/rfc822
.mid application/x-midi
.mid audio/midi
.mid audio/x-mid
.mid audio/x-midi
.mid music/crescendo
.mid x-music/x-midi
.midi application/x-midi
.midi audio/midi
.midi audio/x-mid
.midi audio/x-midi
.midi music/crescendo
.midi x-music/x-midi
.mif application/x-frame
.mif application/x-mif
.mime message/rfc822
.mime www/mime
.mjf audio/x-vnd.audioexplosion.mjuicemediafile
.mjpg video/x-motion-jpeg
.mm application/base64
.mm application/x-meme
.mme application/base64
.mod audio/mod
.mod audio/x-mod
.moov video/quicktime
.mov video/quicktime
.movie video/x-sgi-movie
.mp2 audio/mpeg
.mp2 audio/x-mpeg
.mp2 video/mpeg
.mp2 video/x-mpeg
.mp2 video/x-mpeq2a
.mp3 audio/mpeg3
.mp3 audio/x-mpeg-3
.mp3 video/mpeg
.mp3 video/x-mpeg
.mpa audio/mpeg
.mpa video/mpeg
.mpc application/x-project
.mpe video/mpeg
.mpeg video/mpeg
.mpg audio/mpeg
.mpg video/mpeg
.mpga audio/mpeg
.mpp application/
.mpt application/x-project
.mpv application/x-project
.mpx application/x-project
.mrc application/marc
.ms application/x-troff-ms
.mv video/x-sgi-movie
.my audio/make
.mzz application/x-vnd.audioexplosion.mzz
.nap image/naplps
.naplps image/naplps
.nc application/x-netcdf
.ncm application/
.nif image/x-niff
.niff image/x-niff
.nix application/x-mix-transfer
.nsc application/x-conference
.nvd application/x-navidoc
.o application/octet-stream
.oda application/oda
.omc application/x-omc
.omcd application/x-omcdatamaker
.omcr application/x-omcregerator
.p text/x-pascal
.p10 application/pkcs10
.p10 application/x-pkcs10
.p12 application/pkcs-12
.p12 application/x-pkcs12
.p7a application/x-pkcs7-signature
.p7c application/pkcs7-mime
.p7c application/x-pkcs7-mime
.p7m application/pkcs7-mime
.p7m application/x-pkcs7-mime
.p7r application/x-pkcs7-certreqresp
.p7s application/pkcs7-signature
.part application/pro_eng
.pas text/pascal
.pbm image/x-portable-bitmap
.pcl application/vnd.hp-pcl
.pcl application/x-pcl
.pct image/x-pict
.pcx image/x-pcx
.pdb chemical/x-pdb
.pdf application/pdf
.pfunk audio/make
.pfunk audio/
.pgm image/x-portable-graymap
.pgm image/x-portable-greymap
.pic image/pict
.pict image/pict
.pkg application/x-newton-compatible-pkg
.pko application/
.pl text/plain
.pl text/x-script.perl
.plx application/x-pixclscript
.pm image/x-xpixmap
.pm text/x-script.perl-module
.pm4 application/x-pagemaker
.pm5 application/x-pagemaker
.png image/png
.pnm application/x-portable-anymap
.pnm image/x-portable-anymap
.pot application/mspowerpoint
.pot application/
.pov model/x-pov
.ppa application/
.ppm image/x-portable-pixmap
.pps application/mspowerpoint
.pps application/
.ppt application/mspowerpoint
.ppt application/powerpoint
.ppt application/
.ppt application/x-mspowerpoint
.ppz application/mspowerpoint
.pre application/x-freelance
.prt application/pro_eng
.ps application/postscript
.psd application/octet-stream
.pvu paleovu/x-pv
.pwz application/
.py text/x-script.phyton
.pyc application/x-bytecode.python
.qcp audio/vnd.qcelp
.qd3 x-world/x-3dmf
.qd3d x-world/x-3dmf
.qif image/x-quicktime
.qt video/quicktime
.qtc video/x-qtc
.qti image/x-quicktime
.qtif image/x-quicktime
.ra audio/x-pn-realaudio
.ra audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
.ra audio/x-realaudio
.ram audio/x-pn-realaudio
.ras application/x-cmu-raster
.ras image/cmu-raster
.ras image/x-cmu-raster
.rast image/cmu-raster
.rexx text/x-script.rexx
.rf image/vnd.rn-realflash
.rgb image/x-rgb
.rm application/vnd.rn-realmedia
.rm audio/x-pn-realaudio
.rmi audio/mid
.rmm audio/x-pn-realaudio
.rmp audio/x-pn-realaudio
.rmp audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
.rng application/ringing-tones
.rng application/
.rnx application/vnd.rn-realplayer
.roff application/x-troff
.rp image/vnd.rn-realpix
.rpm audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
.rt text/richtext
.rt text/vnd.rn-realtext
.rtf application/rtf
.rtf application/x-rtf
.rtf text/richtext
.rtx application/rtf
.rtx text/richtext
.rv video/vnd.rn-realvideo
.s text/x-asm
.s3m audio/s3m
.saveme application/octet-stream
.sbk application/x-tbook
.scm application/x-lotusscreencam
.scm text/x-script.guile
.scm text/x-script.scheme
.scm video/x-scm
.sdml text/plain
.sdp application/sdp
.sdp application/x-sdp
.sdr application/sounder
.sea application/sea
.sea application/x-sea
.set application/set
.sgm text/sgml
.sgm text/x-sgml
.sgml text/sgml
.sgml text/x-sgml
.sh application/x-bsh
.sh application/x-sh
.sh application/x-shar
.sh text/
.shar application/x-bsh
.shar application/x-shar
.shtml text/html
.shtml text/x-server-parsed-html
.sid audio/x-psid
.sit application/x-sit
.sit application/x-stuffit
.skd application/x-koan
.skm application/x-koan
.skp application/x-koan
.skt application/x-koan
.sl application/x-seelogo
.smi application/smil
.smil application/smil
.snd audio/basic
.snd audio/x-adpcm
.sol application/solids
.spc application/x-pkcs7-certificates
.spc text/x-speech
.spl application/futuresplash
.spr application/x-sprite
.sprite application/x-sprite
.src application/x-wais-source
.ssi text/x-server-parsed-html
.ssm application/streamingmedia
.sst application/
.step application/step
.stl application/sla
.stl application/
.stl application/x-navistyle
.stp application/step
.sv4cpio application/x-sv4cpio
.sv4crc application/x-sv4crc
.svg image/svg+xml
.svf image/vnd.dwg
.svf image/x-dwg
.svr application/x-world
.svr x-world/x-svr
.swf application/x-shockwave-flash
.t application/x-troff
.talk text/x-speech
.tar application/x-tar
.tbk application/toolbook
.tbk application/x-tbook
.tcl application/x-tcl
.tcl text/x-script.tcl
.tcsh text/x-script.tcsh
.tex application/x-tex
.texi application/x-texinfo
.texinfo application/x-texinfo
.text application/plain
.text text/plain
.tgz application/gnutar
.tgz application/x-compressed
.tif image/tiff
.tif image/x-tiff
.tiff image/tiff
.tiff image/x-tiff
.tr application/x-troff
.tsi audio/tsp-audio
.tsp application/dsptype
.tsp audio/tsplayer
.tsv text/tab-separated-values
.turbot image/florian
.txt text/plain
.uil text/x-uil
.uni text/uri-list
.unis text/uri-list
.unv application/i-deas
.uri text/uri-list
.uris text/uri-list
.ustar application/x-ustar
.ustar multipart/x-ustar
.uu application/octet-stream
.uu text/x-uuencode
.uue text/x-uuencode
.vcd application/x-cdlink
.vcs text/x-vcalendar
.vda application/vda
.vdo video/vdo
.vew application/groupwise
.viv video/vivo
.viv video/
.vivo video/vivo
.vivo video/
.vmd application/vocaltec-media-desc
.vmf application/vocaltec-media-file
.voc audio/voc
.voc audio/x-voc
.vos video/vosaic
.vox audio/voxware
.vqe audio/x-twinvq-plugin
.vqf audio/x-twinvq
.vql audio/x-twinvq-plugin
.vrml application/x-vrml
.vrml model/vrml
.vrml x-world/x-vrml
.vrt x-world/x-vrt
.vsd application/x-visio
.vst application/x-visio
.vsw application/x-visio
.w60 application/wordperfect6.0
.w61 application/wordperfect6.1
.w6w application/msword
.wav audio/wav
.wav audio/x-wav
.wb1 application/x-qpro
.wbmp image/vnd.wap.wbmp
.web application/vnd.xara
.wiz application/msword
.wk1 application/x-123
.wmf windows/metafile
.wml text/vnd.wap.wml
.wmlc application/vnd.wap.wmlc
.wmls text/vnd.wap.wmlscript
.wmlsc application/vnd.wap.wmlscriptc
.word application/msword
.wp application/wordperfect
.wp5 application/wordperfect
.wp5 application/wordperfect6.0
.wp6 application/wordperfect
.wpd application/wordperfect
.wpd application/x-wpwin
.wq1 application/x-lotus
.wri application/mswrite
.wri application/x-wri
.wrl application/x-world
.wrl model/vrml
.wrl x-world/x-vrml
.wrz model/vrml
.wrz x-world/x-vrml
.wsc text/scriplet
.wsrc application/x-wais-source
.wtk application/x-wintalk
.xbm image/x-xbitmap
.xbm image/x-xbm
.xbm image/xbm
.xdr video/x-amt-demorun
.xgz xgl/drawing
.xif image/vnd.xiff
.xl application/excel
.xla application/excel
.xla application/x-excel
.xla application/x-msexcel
.xlb application/excel
.xlb application/
.xlb application/x-excel
.xlc application/excel
.xlc application/
.xlc application/x-excel
.xld application/excel
.xld application/x-excel
.xlk application/excel
.xlk application/x-excel
.xll application/excel
.xll application/
.xll application/x-excel
.xlm application/excel
.xlm application/
.xlm application/x-excel
.xls application/excel
.xls application/
.xls application/x-excel
.xls application/x-msexcel
.xlt application/excel
.xlt application/x-excel
.xlv application/excel
.xlv application/x-excel
.xlw application/excel
.xlw application/
.xlw application/x-excel
.xlw application/x-msexcel
.xm audio/xm
.xml application/xml
.xml text/xml
.xmz xgl/movie
.xpix application/
.xpm image/x-xpixmap
.xpm image/xpm
.x-png image/png
.xsr video/x-amt-showrun
.xwd image/x-xwd
.xwd image/x-xwindowdump
.xyz chemical/x-pdb
.z application/x-compress
.z application/x-compressed
.zip application/x-compressed
.zip application/x-zip-compressed
.zip application/zip
.zip multipart/x-zip
.zoo application/octet-stream
.zsh text/x-script.zsh