Caching Min and Max Prices for All Product Categories (Woocommerce)

Caching mechanism for retrieving and storing minimum and maximum product prices for each category, enhancing performance.

PHP CSV File - Creation and Reading

This article explains how to create and parse CSV files in PHP, including the format, creation of CSV files, reading CSV files, and converting Excel files to CSV.

Bulk Actions in Tables: Posts, Pages, Users, Comments...

How to add custom bulk actions to WordPress admin tables and process them using hooks.

How to Prevent Deactivation of Important Plugins?

Tutorial on how to prevent deactivation of important plugins in WordPress and remove the "deactivate" button and checkbox for specific plugins.

Do plugins slow down the WordPress?

This short article is my attempt to answer the common question — what is better: install a plugin to add desired functionality or add custom code in functions.php?...

How do I enable links (bookmarks) in WordPress?

Before version 3.5, WordPress had a so-called "blogroll", "bookmarks", "links" - these were entries that had their own separate menu in the admin-panel, just like...

Anonymous PHP functions in WordPress hooks

Exploring the use of anonymous PHP functions, also known as closures or lambda functions, in WordPress hooks and discussing their advantages and disadvantages.

How Allow to Upload Forbidden File Types

WordPress does not allow to upload to the library any type of file you want - there are limitations. Files of non-standard (not allowed, forbidden) types cannot be...

ThickBox API: Modal Window in WordPress Admin

This article explains the usage of the ThickBox API for creating modal windows in the WordPress admin area, including examples and parameters for customization.

List of File Extensions and Their MIME Types

When uploading a file to WordPress website, WordPress will check the MIME type of the file. Sometimes it's useful to know what the mime file type of a particular file...

Page Template for any Post Type in WP 4.7

Support for page templates ("page" post type) has been unchanged for 12 years. And it helped developers to conveniently create templates for pages, but it has always...

Constants in PHP — const and define()

Understanding the difference between declaring PHP constants using the const keyword and the define() function, and the features and limitations of each method.

Speeding up the WordPress admin panel — disabling aggressive update checks

This article explains how to speed up the WordPress admin panel by disabling aggressive update checks, which often cause slowdowns and performance issues. It provides a...

@import Styles of a Child Theme via PHP

Using child themes in Wordpress is a valid way to modify an existing theme, but the CSS @import directive is slow, so it's worth avoiding.

It takes 200ms to load the...

Pagination for WordPress Single Post (Post Content)

Not everyone knows that in WordPress a single post or page can be divided into several parts, thus organizing the pagination for the post. To do this you need to use...