Creating New Fields for WordPress Comments

There are cases when it is necessary to add custom fields to the WordPress comment form, for example, a field for entering a phone number, address, rating, mood, and so...

Thumbnails for Taxonomy Elements (WP_Term_Image)

In this post I'm going to share the code that adds the ability to set thumbnails for taxonomy elements, both built-in (tags, categories) and custom. The code is tested...

Frontend. 15+ hooks for functions.php

Collection of popular, useful, and interesting frontend hooks for functions.php, including changing the login page logo, redirecting to a post when searching, adding...

Global Variables of WordPress

We often use functions to retrieve some data on a page and are unaware that this data can be taken from global variables. For example, the name of the author on the...

Setting a Custom Image as the Default Avatar

This article provides information on how to set a custom image as the default avatar in WordPress, along with three different methods to achieve this.

Trick: dynamic closing of tags in the theme

The article explains a clever technique for dynamically closing tags in WordPress themes, improving code organization and simplifying template files.

HTTP API WordPress

Introduction to using the HTTP API in WordPress, including the basics of sending requests and handling responses. Learn about the functions and their parameters, as...

Passing Variables by Reference in apply_filters(), do_actions()

Passing variables by reference in WordPress filters and events, and passing objects by reference.

How to create your own demo/test content (dummy data) for WP?

The article explains how to create demo/test content for WordPress themes and provides step-by-step instructions for importing test data.

Feeds (RSS) in WordPress

This article explains the concept of feeds (RSS) in WordPress, how they work, how to disable them, the types of content and feed formats, feed URLs, and the PHP...

Kama_Post_Meta_Box — Create Posts Meta-fields (MetaBoxes)

In this article I'm going to share a Kama Post Meta Box class, with which you can quickly create meta-fields for posts, just by specifying them as an array. It's a kind...

Number of Elements per Page for WP_List_Table Tables

Tutorial on adding customizable pagination to tables created using WP_List_Table in WordPress admin.

11 Hacks for the WordPress Admin Bar (Toolbar)

This article provides 11 helpful hacks for customizing the WordPress Admin Bar (Toolbar), including adding, modifying, and removing elements to enhance the user...

Bug with moving uploads folder

Seems I've run into a bug in WordPress, which is related to the wp-content/uploads directory. Although I will not claim that this is a bug, but the logic is...

jQuery Datepicker: Date Selection for Input Field in WordPress

This article provides a ready-made code for implementing the jQuery Datepicker for WordPress, allowing users to select dates in input fields with ease.