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How to completely disable WordPress update checks for core, plugins, and themes

In WP, it is possible to completely disable update checks for everything (core, themes, plugins, and translations) at once. However, there is no standard way to...

Error when updating WP: Another update is currently in progress

Troubleshooting guide for resolving the "Another update is currently in progress" error in WordPress update process.

Example of Updating a Post via Postman and Application Password

This article demonstrates how to update a WordPress post using the WP REST API and Postman, along with creating and using application passwords for authentication.

Adding taxonomy (term) to post search

The article explains how to enhance the default product search by adding the ability to search by product attribute names.

The "-scaled" suffix for images, or what WP does with large images

Explanation of the "-scaled" suffix for images in WordPress and how it handles large images; instructions on modifying and disabling the creation of "-scaled" images.

Adding meta-field search to regular WordPress search

Adding meta-field search capability to the standard WordPress search functionality.

8 Ways to Change Password in WordPress

This article provides various methods for changing passwords in WordPress, including using PHP, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, and WP-CLI.

Bug with moving uploads folder

Seems I've run into a bug in WordPress, which is related to the wp-content/uploads directory. Although I will not claim that this is a bug, but the logic is...

jQuery Datepicker: Date Selection for Input Field in WordPress

This article provides a ready-made code for implementing the jQuery Datepicker for WordPress, allowing users to select dates in input fields with ease.

WP 4.0: WP_Query: fixes in the orderby parameter

Explanation of the orderby parameter fixes in WP_Query in WordPress 4.0.

Kama Quicktags: Code on your website pages

The article discusses the challenges faced while inserting and highlighting code in WordPress posts and introduces the Kama Quicktags plugin to simplify the process.