More Functions (category)

$wpdb->update — array for $where pframeter

Specified value for $where field will turn into IN ( comma separated array values ) when queried.

You can't specify array for the parameter $where in...

Get several adjacent posts in one query

There are number of functions in WordPress to get one of the adjacent (neighboring) posts to the current one: get_previous_post() and...

Table of Contents for Large Posts (kamatoc)

How to create and customize a table of contents for large posts using the Kama_Contents class in WordPress.

Breadcrumbs for WordPress

This article explains the concept of breadcrumbs in web development and provides a function for implementing breadcrumbs in WordPress, along with examples and usage...

Interlinking posts in WordPress (previous posts from category). Function 2

The article provides a function for circular interlinking of articles in WordPress, allowing customization of taxonomy and post type.

Function to display all posts by month of publication

Explanation of a WordPress function to display all posts grouped by the month of publication.

Function for displaying posts by number of views

This article discusses a function for displaying the most viewed posts on a WordPress blog/site.

Interlinking Posts in WordPress (Previous Posts from Category)

The article presents a WordPress function for displaying previous entries from the category of the current post, with the option to customize the output format and...

Counting Page Visits on WordPress without Plugins

A guide on counting page visits on WordPress without using plugins, with detailed explanations and a custom code snippet.

Search Results Highlighting Without Using Plugins

Enhancing search functionality in WordPress by implementing search results highlighting without using plugins.

Cutting text and/or replacing the standard the_excerpt() function

This article discusses the trimming of text in WordPress and the replacement of the standard the_excerpt() function with a more efficient method.

Function for displaying recent comments

Explanation of how to retrieve and display the latest comments using custom functions in WordPress.

Alternative to WP-pagenavi Plugin (Pagination for WordPress)

How to create a custom pagination function as an alternative to the wp-pagenavi plugin in WordPress, enabling optimized navigation and CSS styling.