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WP_Customize_Nav_Menu_Setting::__construct() public WP 4.3.0


Any supplied $args override class property defaults.

{} It's a method of the class: WP_Customize_Nav_Menu_Setting{}

No Hooks.


null. Nothing.


$WP_Customize_Nav_Menu_Setting = new WP_Customize_Nav_Menu_Setting();
$WP_Customize_Nav_Menu_Setting->__construct( $manager, $id, $args );
$manager(WP_Customize_Manager) (required)
Customizer bootstrap instance.
$id(string) (required)
A specific ID of the setting. Can be a theme mod or option name.
Setting arguments.


Since 4.3.0 Introduced.

Code of WP_Customize_Nav_Menu_Setting::__construct() WP 5.7.2

public function __construct( WP_Customize_Manager $manager, $id, array $args = array() ) {
	if ( empty( $manager->nav_menus ) ) {
		throw new Exception( 'Expected WP_Customize_Manager::$nav_menus to be set.' );

	if ( ! preg_match( self::ID_PATTERN, $id, $matches ) ) {
		throw new Exception( "Illegal widget setting ID: $id" );

	$this->term_id = (int) $matches['id'];

	parent::__construct( $manager, $id, $args );