WP_Http::parse_url()protected staticWP 1.0

Deprecated from version 4.4.0. It is no longer supported and can be removed in future releases. Use wp_parse_url() instead.

Used as a wrapper for PHP's parse_url() function that handles edgecases in < PHP 5.4.7.

Method of the class: WP_Http{}

No Hooks.


true|false|Array. False on failure; Array of URL components on success; See parse_url()'s return values.


$result = WP_Http::parse_url( $url );
$url(string) (required)
The URL to parse.



Deprecated since 4.4.0 Use wp_parse_url()

WP_Http::parse_url() code WP 6.5.4

protected static function parse_url( $url ) {
	_deprecated_function( __METHOD__, '4.4.0', 'wp_parse_url()' );
	return wp_parse_url( $url );