WP_REST_Autosaves_Controller::create_item_permissions_check()publicWP 5.0.0

Checks if a given request has access to create an autosave revision.

Autosave revisions inherit permissions from the parent post, check if the current user has permission to edit the post.

Method of the class: WP_REST_Autosaves_Controller{}

No Hooks.


true|WP_Error. True if the request has access to create the item, WP_Error object otherwise.


$WP_REST_Autosaves_Controller = new WP_REST_Autosaves_Controller();
$WP_REST_Autosaves_Controller->create_item_permissions_check( $request );
$request(WP_REST_Request) (required)
Full details about the request.


Since 5.0.0 Introduced.

WP_REST_Autosaves_Controller::create_item_permissions_check() code WP 6.3

public function create_item_permissions_check( $request ) {
	$id = $request->get_param( 'id' );

	if ( empty( $id ) ) {
		return new WP_Error(
			__( 'Invalid item ID.' ),
			array( 'status' => 404 )

	return $this->parent_controller->update_item_permissions_check( $request );