WP_REST_Controller::get_endpoint_args_for_item_schema()publicWP 4.7.0

Retrieves an array of endpoint arguments from the item schema for the controller.

{} It's a method of the class: WP_REST_Controller{}

No Hooks.


Array. Endpoint arguments.


$WP_REST_Controller = new WP_REST_Controller();
$WP_REST_Controller->get_endpoint_args_for_item_schema( $method );
HTTP method of the request. The arguments for CREATABLE requests are checked for required values and may fall-back to a given default, this is not done on EDITABLE requests.
Default: WP_REST_Server::CREATABLE


Since 4.7.0 Introduced.

Code of WP_REST_Controller::get_endpoint_args_for_item_schema() WP 5.9.3

public function get_endpoint_args_for_item_schema( $method = WP_REST_Server::CREATABLE ) {
	return rest_get_endpoint_args_for_schema( $this->get_item_schema(), $method );