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WP_Roles::add_role() public WP 2.0.0

Add role name with capabilities to list.

Updates the list of roles, if the role doesn't already exist.

The capabilities are defined in the following format array('read'=> true ); To explicitly deny a role a capability you set the value for that capability to false.

{} It's a method of the class: WP_Roles{}

No Hooks.


WP_Role|null. WP_Role object, if role is added.


global $wp_roles;
$wp_roles->add_role( $role, $display_name, $capabilities );
$role(string) (required)
Role name.
$display_name(string) (required)
Role display name.
List of capabilities keyed by the capability name, e.g. array( 'edit_posts' => true, 'delete_posts' => false ).
Default: array()

Code of WP_Roles::add_role() WP 5.8.3

public function add_role( $role, $display_name, $capabilities = array() ) {
	if ( empty( $role ) || isset( $this->roles[ $role ] ) ) {

	$this->roles[ $role ] = array(
		'name'         => $display_name,
		'capabilities' => $capabilities,
	if ( $this->use_db ) {
		update_option( $this->role_key, $this->roles );
	$this->role_objects[ $role ] = new WP_Role( $role, $capabilities );
	$this->role_names[ $role ]   = $display_name;
	return $this->role_objects[ $role ];