WP_Screen::set_screen_reader_content()publicWP 4.4.0

Adds accessible hidden headings and text for the screen.

Method of the class: WP_Screen{}

No Hooks.


null. Nothing (null).


$WP_Screen = new WP_Screen();
$WP_Screen->set_screen_reader_content( $content );

An associative array of screen reader text strings.

Default: array()

  • heading_views(string)
    Screen reader text for the filter links heading.
    Default: 'Filter items list'

  • heading_pagination(string)
    Screen reader text for the pagination heading.
    Default: 'Items list navigation'

  • heading_list(string)
    Screen reader text for the items list heading.
    Default: 'Items list'


Since 4.4.0 Introduced.

WP_Screen::set_screen_reader_content() code WP 6.5.4

public function set_screen_reader_content( $content = array() ) {
	$defaults = array(
		'heading_views'      => __( 'Filter items list' ),
		'heading_pagination' => __( 'Items list navigation' ),
		'heading_list'       => __( 'Items list' ),
	$content  = wp_parse_args( $content, $defaults );

	$this->_screen_reader_content = $content;