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WP_Site::__get() public WP 4.6.0


Allows current multisite naming conventions when getting properties. Allows access to extended site properties.

{} It's a method of the class: WP_Site{}

No Hooks.


Mixed. Value of the property. Null if not available.


$WP_Site = new WP_Site();
$WP_Site->__get( $key );
$key(string) (required)
Property to get.

Code of WP_Site::__get() WP 5.8.3

public function __get( $key ) {
	switch ( $key ) {
		case 'id':
			return (int) $this->blog_id;
		case 'network_id':
			return (int) $this->site_id;
		case 'blogname':
		case 'siteurl':
		case 'post_count':
		case 'home':
		default: // Custom properties added by 'site_details' filter.
			if ( ! did_action( 'ms_loaded' ) ) {
				return null;

			$details = $this->get_details();
			if ( isset( $details->$key ) ) {
				return $details->$key;

	return null;