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WP_Theme::get_stylesheet_directory() public WP 3.4.0

Returns the absolute path to the directory of a theme's "stylesheet" files.

In the case of a child theme, this is the absolute path to the directory of the child theme's files.

{} It's a method of the class: WP_Theme{}

No Hooks.


String. Absolute path of the stylesheet directory.


$WP_Theme = new WP_Theme();


Since 3.4.0 Introduced.

Code of WP_Theme::get_stylesheet_directory() WP 5.8

public function get_stylesheet_directory() {
	if ( $this->errors() && in_array( 'theme_root_missing', $this->errors()->get_error_codes(), true ) ) {
		return '';

	return $this->theme_root . '/' . $this->stylesheet;