_search_terms_tidy()WP 2.9.0

Deprecated from version 3.7.0. It is no longer supported and can be removed in future releases. It is recommended to replace this function with the same one.

Formerly used internally to tidy up the search terms.

This is an internal function for using it by WP core itself. It's not recommended to use this function in your code.

No Hooks.


String. Trimmed search terms.


_search_terms_tidy( $t );
$t(string) (required)
Search terms to "tidy", e.g. trim.


Since 2.9.0 Introduced.
Deprecated 3.7.0

Code of _search_terms_tidy() WP 6.0

function _search_terms_tidy( $t ) {
	_deprecated_function( __FUNCTION__, '3.7.0' );
	return trim( $t, "\"'\n\r " );