_wp_object_count_sort_cb()WP 3.1.0

Serves as a callback for comparing objects based on count.

Used with uasort().

This is an internal function for using it by WP core itself. It's not recommended to use this function in your code.

No Hooks.


true|false. Whether the count value for $a is greater than the count value for $b.


_wp_object_count_sort_cb( $a, $b );
$a(object) (required)
The first object to compare.
$b(object) (required)
The second object to compare.


Since 3.1.0 Introduced.

Code of _wp_object_count_sort_cb() WP 6.0

function _wp_object_count_sort_cb( $a, $b ) {
	return ( $a->count > $b->count );