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confirm_user_signup() WP 3.0.0

New user signup confirmation

Hooks in function

Nothing (null).


confirm_user_signup( $user_name, $user_email );
$user_name(string) (required)
The username
$user_email(string) (required)
The user's email address

Code of confirm user signup: wp-signup.php WP 5.2.1

function confirm_user_signup( $user_name, $user_email ) {
	/* translators: %s: username */
	printf( __( '%s is your new username' ), $user_name )
	<p><?php _e( 'But, before you can start using your new username, <strong>you must activate it</strong>.' ); ?></p>
	/* translators: %s: email address */
	printf( __( 'Check your inbox at %s and click the link given.' ), '<strong>' . $user_email . '</strong>' );
	<p><?php _e( 'If you do not activate your username within two days, you will have to sign up again.' ); ?></p>
	/** This action is documented in wp-signup.php */
	do_action( 'signup_finished' );