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excerpt_remove_blocks() WP 5.0.0

Parses blocks out of a content string, and renders those appropriate for the excerpt.

As the excerpt should be a small string of text relevant to the full post content, this function renders the blocks that are most likely to contain such text.

Hooks in function

String. The parsed and filtered content.


excerpt_remove_blocks( $content );
$content(string) (required)
The content to parse.

Code of excerpt remove blocks: wp-includes/blocks.php VER 5.1.1

function excerpt_remove_blocks( $content ) {
	$allowed_blocks = array(
		// Classic blocks have their blockName set to null.
	 * Filters the list of blocks that can contribute to the excerpt.
	 * If a dynamic block is added to this list, it must not generate another
	 * excerpt, as this will cause an infinite loop to occur.
	 * @since 4.4.0
	 * @param array $allowed_blocks The list of allowed blocks.
	$allowed_blocks = apply_filters( 'excerpt_allowed_blocks', $allowed_blocks );
	$blocks         = parse_blocks( $content );
	$output         = '';
	foreach ( $blocks as $block ) {
		if ( in_array( $block['blockName'], $allowed_blocks, true ) ) {
			$output .= render_block( $block );
	 return $output;