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get_edit_tag_link() WP 2.7.0

Retrieves the edit link for a tag.

Hooks from the function

String. The edit tag link URL for the given tag.


get_edit_tag_link( $tag_id, $taxonomy );
$tag_id(int) (required)
Tag ID.
Taxonomy slug.
Default: 'post_tag'


Since 2.7.0 Introduced.

Code of get_edit_tag_link() WP 5.7.2

function get_edit_tag_link( $tag_id, $taxonomy = 'post_tag' ) {
	 * Filters the edit link for a tag (or term in another taxonomy).
	 * @since 2.7.0
	 * @param string $link The term edit link.
	return apply_filters( 'get_edit_tag_link', get_edit_term_link( $tag_id, $taxonomy ) );