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next_post_rel_link() WP 2.8.0

Displays the relational link for the next post adjacent to the current post.

  • See: get_adjacent_post_rel_link()

No Hooks.


Nothing (null).


next_post_rel_link( $title, $in_same_term, $excluded_terms, $taxonomy );
Link title format.
Default: '%title'
Whether link should be in a same taxonomy term.
Default: false
Array or comma-separated list of excluded term IDs.
Default: ''
Taxonomy, if $in_same_term is true.
Default: 'category'

Code of next post rel link: wp-includes/link-template.php WP 5.2.2

function next_post_rel_link( $title = '%title', $in_same_term = false, $excluded_terms = '', $taxonomy = 'category' ) {
	echo get_adjacent_post_rel_link( $title, $in_same_term, $excluded_terms, false, $taxonomy );