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serialize_block() WP 5.3.1

Returns the content of a block, including comment delimiters, serializing all attributes from the given parsed block.

This should be used when preparing a block to be saved to post content. Prefer render_block preparing a block for display. Unlike render_block, this does not evaluate a block's render_callback, and will instead preserve the markup as parsed.

No Hooks.


String. String of rendered HTML.


serialize_block( $block );
$block(WP_Block_Parser_Block) (required)
A single parsed block object.

Code of serialize_block() WP 5.8.3

function serialize_block( $block ) {
	$block_content = '';

	$index = 0;
	foreach ( $block['innerContent'] as $chunk ) {
		$block_content .= is_string( $chunk ) ? $chunk : serialize_block( $block['innerBlocks'][ $index++ ] );

	if ( ! is_array( $block['attrs'] ) ) {
		$block['attrs'] = array();

	return get_comment_delimited_block_content(