strip_core_block_namespace()WP 5.3.1

Returns the block name to use for serialization. This will remove the default "core/" namespace from a block name.

No Hooks.


String. Block name to use for serialization.


strip_core_block_namespace( $block_name );
Original block name. Null if the block name is unknown, e.g. Classic blocks have their name set to null.
Default: null


Since 5.3.1 Introduced.

strip_core_block_namespace() code WP 6.4.3

function strip_core_block_namespace( $block_name = null ) {
	if ( is_string( $block_name ) && str_starts_with( $block_name, 'core/' ) ) {
		return substr( $block_name, 5 );

	return $block_name;