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the_weekday_date() WP 0.71

Display the weekday on which the post was written.

Will only output the weekday if the current post's weekday is different from the previous one output.

  • Global. WP_Locale. $wp_locale
  • Global. String/Int/true/false. $currentday
  • Global. String/Int/true/false. $previousweekday
Hooks in function

Nothing (null).


the_weekday_date( $before, $after );
Optional Output before the date.
Default: ''
Optional Output after the date.
Default: ''

Code of the weekday date: wp-includes/general-template.php VER 5.0.3

function the_weekday_date($before='',$after='') {
	global $wp_locale, $currentday, $previousweekday;
	$the_weekday_date = '';
	if ( $currentday != $previousweekday ) {
		$the_weekday_date .= $before;
		$the_weekday_date .= $wp_locale->get_weekday( mysql2date( 'w', get_post()->post_date, false ) );
		$the_weekday_date .= $after;
		$previousweekday = $currentday;

	 * Filters the localized date on which the post was written, for display.
	 * @since 0.71
	 * @param string $the_weekday_date
	 * @param string $before           The HTML to output before the date.
	 * @param string $after            The HTML to output after the date.
	$the_weekday_date = apply_filters( 'the_weekday_date', $the_weekday_date, $before, $after );
	echo $the_weekday_date;