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wp_defer_comment_counting() WP 2.5.0

Whether to defer comment counting.

When setting $defer to true, all post comment counts will not be updated until $defer is set to false. When $defer is set to false, then all previously deferred updated post comment counts will then be automatically updated without having to call wp_update_comment_count() after.

No Hooks.




wp_defer_comment_counting( $defer );
$defer *(true false)*

Default: null

Code of wp_defer_comment_counting() WP 5.8.3

function wp_defer_comment_counting( $defer = null ) {
	static $_defer = false;

	if ( is_bool( $defer ) ) {
		$_defer = $defer;
		// Flush any deferred counts.
		if ( ! $defer ) {
			wp_update_comment_count( null, true );

	return $_defer;