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wp_maybe_grant_install_languages_cap() WP 4.9.0

Filters the user capabilities to grant the 'install_languages' capability as necessary.

A user must have at least one out of the 'update_core', 'install_plugins', and 'install_themes' capabilities to qualify for 'install_languages'.

No Hooks.


true|false[]. Filtered array of the user's capabilities.


wp_maybe_grant_install_languages_cap( $allcaps );
$allcaps(bool[]) (required)
An array of all the user's capabilities.


Since 4.9.0 Introduced.

Code of wp_maybe_grant_install_languages_cap() WP 5.7.2

function wp_maybe_grant_install_languages_cap( $allcaps ) {
	if ( ! empty( $allcaps['update_core'] ) || ! empty( $allcaps['install_plugins'] ) || ! empty( $allcaps['install_themes'] ) ) {
		$allcaps['install_languages'] = true;

	return $allcaps;