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xmlrpc_getpostcategory() WP 0.71

Retrieve the post category or categories from XMLRPC XML.

If the category element is not found, then the default post category will be used. The return type then would be what $post_default_category. If the category is found, then it will always be an array.

  • Global. String. $post_default_category Default XML-RPC post category.

No Hooks.


String/Array. List of categories or category name.


xmlrpc_getpostcategory( $content );
$content(string) (required)
XMLRPC XML Request content

Code of xmlrpc getpostcategory: wp-includes/functions.php WP 5.2.1

function xmlrpc_getpostcategory( $content ) {
	global $post_default_category;
	if ( preg_match( '/<category>(.+?)<\/category>/is', $content, $matchcat ) ) {
		$post_category = trim( $matchcat[1], ',' );
		$post_category = explode( ',', $post_category );
	} else {
		$post_category = $post_default_category;
	return $post_category;