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xmlrpc_getposttitle() WP 0.71

Retrieve post title from XMLRPC XML.

If the title element is not part of the XML, then the default post title from the $post_default_title will be used instead.

  • Global. String. $post_default_title Default XML-RPC post title.

No Hooks.


String. Post title


xmlrpc_getposttitle( $content );
$content(string) (required)
XMLRPC XML Request content

Code of xmlrpc getposttitle: wp-includes/functions.php WP 5.2.1

function xmlrpc_getposttitle( $content ) {
	global $post_default_title;
	if ( preg_match( '/<title>(.+?)<\/title>/is', $content, $matchtitle ) ) {
		$post_title = $matchtitle[1];
	} else {
		$post_title = $post_default_title;
	return $post_title;