Inflector::ucwords()public staticWP-CLI 1.0

Uppercases words with configurable delimeters between words.

Takes a string and capitalizes all of the words, like PHP's built-in ucwords function. This extends that behavior, however, by allowing the word delimeters to be configured, rather than only separating on whitespace.

Here is an example:

$string = 'top-o-the-morning to all_of_you!';
echo \Doctrine\Common\Inflector\Inflector::ucwords($string);
// Top-O-The-Morning To All_of_you!

echo \Doctrine\Common\Inflector\Inflector::ucwords($string, '-_ ');
// Top-O-The-Morning To All_Of_You!

Method of the class: Inflector{}

No Hooks.


String. The string with all delimeter-separated words capitalized.


$result = Inflector::ucwords( $string, $delimiters );
$string(string) (required)
The string to operate on.
A list of word separators.
Default: " \n\t\r\0\x0B-"

Inflector::ucwords() code WP-CLI 2.8.0-alpha

public static function ucwords( $string, $delimiters = " \n\t\r\0\x0B-" ) {
	return preg_replace_callback(
		'/[^' . preg_quote( $delimiters, '/' ) . ']+/',
		function( $matches ) {
			return ucfirst( $matches[0] );