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get_image_tag filter-hook . WP 2.6.0

Filters the HTML content for the image tag.


add_filter( 'get_image_tag', 'filter_function_name_6566', 10, 6 );
function filter_function_name_6566( $html, $id, $alt, $title, $align, $size ){
	// filter...

	return $html;
HTML content for the image.
Attachment ID.
Alternate text.
Attachment title.
Part of the class name for aligning the image.
Size of image. Image size or array of width and height values (in that order).
Default: 'medium'


Since 2.6.0 Introduced.

Where the hook is called

wp-includes/media.php 405
return apply_filters( 'get_image_tag', $html, $id, $alt, $title, $align, $size );

Where the hook is used (in WP core)

Usage not found!