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wp_is_comment_flood filter-hook . WP 4.7.0

Filters whether a comment is part of a comment flood.

The default check is wp_check_comment_flood(). See check_comment_flood_db().


add_filter( 'wp_is_comment_flood', 'filter_function_name_2822', 10, 5 );
function filter_function_name_2822( $is_flood, $comment_author_IP, $comment_author_email, $comment_date_gmt, $wp_error ){
	// filter...

	return $is_flood;
Is a comment flooding occurring? Default false.
Comment author's IP address.
Comment author's email.
GMT date the comment was posted.
Whether to return a WP_Error object instead of executing wp_die() or die() if a comment flood is occurring.


Since 4.7.0 Introduced.
Since 5.5.0 The $avoid_die parameter was renamed to $wp_error.

Where the hook is called

wp-includes/comment.php 784-791
$is_flood = apply_filters(

Where in WP core the hook is used WordPress

wp-includes/comment.php 866
add_filter( 'wp_is_comment_flood', 'wp_check_comment_flood', 10, 5 );