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ActionScheduler_Abstract_ListTable::translate() protected WC 1.0

Deprecated from version 3.0.0. It is no longer supported and can be removed in future releases. Use `_x()` instead.

Makes translation easier, it basically just wraps _x with some default (the package name).

{} It's a method of the class: ActionScheduler_Abstract_ListTable{}

No Hooks.


String|null. The translated text.


// protected - for code of main (parent) or child class
$result = $this->translate( $text, $context );
$text(string) (required)
The new text to translate.
The context of the text.
Default: ''


Deprecated Since 3.0.0 Use _x() instead.

Code of ActionScheduler_Abstract_ListTable::translate() WC 6.1.1

protected function translate( $text, $context = '' ) {
	return $text;