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ActionScheduler_HybridStore::query_actions() public WC 1.0

Find actions matching the query in the secondary source first. If any are found, migrate them immediately. Then the secondary store will contain the canonical results.

{} It's a method of the class: ActionScheduler_HybridStore{}

No Hooks.




$ActionScheduler_HybridStore = new ActionScheduler_HybridStore();
$ActionScheduler_HybridStore->query_actions( $query, $query_type );
Default: []
Whether to select or count the results. Default, select.
Default: 'select'

Code of ActionScheduler_HybridStore::query_actions() WC 6.1.1

public function query_actions( $query = [], $query_type = 'select' ) {
	$found_unmigrated_actions = $this->secondary_store->query_actions( $query, 'select' );
	if ( ! empty( $found_unmigrated_actions ) ) {
		$this->migrate( $found_unmigrated_actions );

	return $this->primary_store->query_actions( $query, $query_type );