CustomMetaBox::order_meta_keys_autofill()publicWC 1.0

Compute keys to display in autofill when adding new meta key entry in custom meta box. Currently, returns empty keys, will be implemented after caching is merged.

Method of the class: CustomMetaBox{}

No Hooks.


Array|Mixed. Array of keys to display in autofill.


$CustomMetaBox = new CustomMetaBox();
$CustomMetaBox->order_meta_keys_autofill( $keys, $order );
$keys(array|null) (required)
Keys to display in autofill.
$order(\WP_Post|\WC_Order) (required)
Order object.

CustomMetaBox::order_meta_keys_autofill() code WC 8.6.1

public function order_meta_keys_autofill( $keys, $order ) {
	if ( is_a( $order, \WC_Order::class ) ) {
		return array();

	return $keys;