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DataStore::get_all_statuses() public WC 1.0

Get all statuses that have been synced.

{} It's a method of the class: DataStore{}

No Hooks.


Array. Unique order statuses.


$result = DataStore::get_all_statuses();

Code of DataStore::get_all_statuses() WC 5.3.0

public static function get_all_statuses() {
	global $wpdb;

	$cache_key = 'orders-all-statuses';
	$statuses  = Cache::get( $cache_key );

	if ( false === $statuses ) {
		$table_name = self::get_db_table_name();
		$statuses   = $wpdb->get_col(
			"SELECT DISTINCT status FROM {$table_name}"
		); // WPCS: cache ok, DB call ok, unprepared SQL ok.

		Cache::set( $cache_key, $statuses );

	return $statuses;