FormFactory::add_field()public staticWC 1.0

Adds a field to the product form.

Method of the class: FormFactory{}

No Hooks.


Field|WP_Error. New field or WP_Error.


$result = FormFactory::add_field( $id, $plugin_id, $args );
$id(string) (required)
Field id.
$plugin_id(string) (required)
Plugin id.
$args(array) (required)
Array containing the necessary arguments.
php $args = array( 'type' => (string) Field type. Required. 'section' => (string) Field location. Required. 'order' => (int) Field order. 'properties' => (array) Field properties. 'name' => (string) Field name. ).

FormFactory::add_field() code WC 7.7.0

public static function add_field( $id, $plugin_id, $args ) {
	$new_field = self::create_item( 'field', 'Field', $id, $plugin_id, $args );
	if ( is_wp_error( $new_field ) ) {
		return $new_field;
	self::$form_fields[ $id ] = $new_field;
	return $new_field;